I’m not giving up on you

I needed to read this, it’s a funny way of accepting our mistakes and finding hope.
Change your strategy, change your tactics, change your arguement, but never change you or your core beliefs.
Please visit Nedoux blog her style of writing is fun, refreshing and just lovely.


At first glance, certain events seem irredeemable, absolutely down the drains of annihilation and beyond the grasp of salvation. One might wish and wish with all their might, but once past that finish line of destruction some things remain irreversible you see.

One example that comes to mind is preparing ògì corn pap in a pot that is atop a stove, and stirring absentmindedly until alas the pudding thickens, inadvertently setting into wobbly èko. Rapidly stirring in a futile attempt to salvage the situation only condemns it further, deeper into to its solid state, because èko will never revert to flowy pap. Q.E.D.

Still on the topic of cooking, as I find that quite a number of culinary mistakes have a way of being stubbornly unresponsive even after being gently cajoled back to the path of purposefulness, overly-salty rice is another example.  How does one un-salt rice that’s bordering on…

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2 thoughts on “I’m not giving up on you

  1. Yayyyy! This is so kind of you, thank you so much for reblogging.

    I absolutely love your intro. Yes, be brave enough to change the changeables but don’t change your core, because that’s the bit that defines one. 😀

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