Last words

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive. Does anyone know why ?” Professor Hubert asked.

A deafening silence echoed throughout the auditorium. Some students met his gaze, others buried their head’s intent on avoiding it whilst others looked plain bored; she was one of those.

“The nightshade is a member of the plant family Solanaceae. The deadly nightshade/belladonna is the most poisonous, which is what the text refers to,” the professor continued.

“Symptoms of poisoning include redness in the face, dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing and speaking, blurred vision from the dilated pupil, cardiac arrhythmia’s, drowsiness, hallucinations, delirium, and in the worst case scenarios coma and death might occur …. ,”

Boredom turned to intrigue. His voice faded to the back of her mind as she envisioned a red faced, delirious, hallucinating Whitney; a low dose should do the trick. Taking the toxicology class didn’t seem so bad now.

“… Individual sensitivity makes it possible for a dose to kill one person and not the other…”

Shame Louise didn’t hear the last words.

Written by Chioma I.N

In response to the mondaysfinishthestory flash fiction challenge hosted by Barbara. The picture and the first sentence are provided and you have to complete the story in 100- 150 words. Click on the link to read others stories.

Thanks Barbara for hosting it and for the picture.

Thank you all for stopping by.

23 thoughts on “Last words

  1. Reading it again I see that I thought she died at the end but apparently she just didn’t hear that part of the professor’s speech – that the dosage is different for everyone and it could very well kill her. Either way, it is an excellent story and I enjoyed it.

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