Empowered shadows.

In response to Picture it & write hosted by Eliabeth Hawthorne. Do click on the link.


“Lizzy you really ought to try getting back a little earlier, you don’t know what sort of pervert lurks around corners at these ungodly hours,”

Lizzy didn’t reply.

“And your back won’t hurt so much if you slept on your bed rather the chair. Did you at least lock the door?

Lizzy slept on which was unlike her; even when skunk drunk in the past she somehow managed to string together a few coherent words now and then. She had me worried now, slumped on the chair not responding. Oh God! I hope she hasn’t overdone it this time. Has she taken some random drug at the party?

Scurrying off the bed whilst trying to grab my phone and turn on my desk light simultaneously, a more worrying thought flashed through my mind what if that wasn’t Lizzy? What if it was crazy pervert bidding his time to strike. Oh God! My heart beats like a washing machine spinning dry, trickles of sweat precipitated on my furrowed brows, my hands trembled as fear crippled my entire being.

Who was the stranger in our room?

“What’s up girlfriend,” screeched Lizzy staggering into the room.

Turns out my mystery guest was laundry I had forgotten to fold away earlier in the day. My sleep addled mind had created realistic dimensions of the night shadows.


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