There are approximately a hundred and thirty-five squares on that side of the wall. I know what your thinking, boredom does strange things to the human mind. Do I have any options?

And the colour? It doesn’t do much for the imagination does it? On second thought; it reminds me of school lunches and detention hallways. Places designed to forewarn you of life in prison; lukewarm meals and dinge spaces.

His voice jars me from my reverie, it’s gone all pitchy. 

He sounds desperately  innocent.

“I understand Mr Finch …..” I say

Do I believe him? Sure, the walls pink ain’t it?


Written for Friday fictioneers a writing challenge hosted by Rochelle. The picture was provided by the lovely J hardy Carroll, the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge. Thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.