Mind webs.

I am not plagued by what plagues my peers.

I am not plagued by what plagued my ancestors.

I am plagued by what plagues ME.

Like Charon’s’ fingers ripping through curtains of darkness, its shallow whispers seek to stifle my voice.

I rise at dawn racing to escape the dark recesses of my mind.

I wish them away… they start to fade, a sense of peace assails my mind.

Like a dot of light, a patch of clarity on a foggy morning, so are the words crooning through my ear piece.

Looking at the computer, I find myself sinking again.

Written for two challenges:

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The view

1999: A home with a view that’s all I wanted, was that too much to ask for? 

2005: my life changed, my view was altered; I was thankful to be alive.

I hope to never witness another dialogue between the concrete jungles of a neighbourhood and the weapons of mans struggle to subjugate another, I hope my view stays the same.

three line tales week 136: camping
Picture by Tyler Nix via unsplash

Written for three line tales challenge hosted by Sonya. Click on this link to join in.

Beautifully ugly

Dress: £50 from Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: £18 from Next

Coat: £50 from River Island

Jewellery: £20 from New look

Perfume: Chanel No 5 (a gift from dad)

Total: £138

She walked through the door all poised and calm. Her name was Twin A. She asked how my day had been and wished me a lovely night. I held her coat as delicately as she had treated my position.

Dress: £50 from House of Frasier

Shoes: £20 from Next

Coat: £60 from M & S

Jewellery: £20 from New look

Perfume: Carolina Herrera (gift from dad)

Total: £150

She walked through the door all poised and calm. Her name was Twin B. She gave me her coat, and walked through to the other guests. I held her coat as impersonally as she treated me. 

It’s as ma said, “we’re all the same, the heart is all that makes us different. It don’t matter what you wear, or where you sleep, with a bit of cash you might find yourself a happy neighbour to professor Higgins.”

Written for Flash fiction for aspiring writers challenge. Hope it makes sense. Click on the link to read other stories and on this link to join in.

Aurora;my light.

“Dinachi! wake-up.”

“Stop joor. I can hear you and I wasn’t sleeping.”

Chuckling “You were not sleeping, just shielding your eyes from the piercing darkness abi?”

“I have had a hectic night shift, I don’t think my brain has the capacity for these your riddles yet.”

“You’re the one with all the riddles oh, lying there screaming at grandma in your sleep. It was really creep.”

“I wasn’t dreaming, just admit you woke me up for a cuddle.” with a grin he stretched to make room on the couch.

With the flick of a switch, she retreated to his heart.




Written for Friday fictioneers are writing group/challenge hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It has been a while I have written a story and I loved writing this one hope you love it too. Please click on this link to read other stories and on this one to join the fun. (Have a go!)


She gave her consent/ I am not entirely sure about this, could you give me a minute?

Did you at any point get a verbal consent?/ He won’t let me think, he kept shoving the advantages and signature page at me.

Your honour by signing the document, she said yes./ I thought if I signed he would leave me alone and my katie would sort it out later.


Written for Sonya’s Three line tales and Daily prompt Juxtapose.

Photo by Julian Lozano

Ebbing and flowing


Colour me black, colour me white; colour me yellow with sprinkles of pink.

Colour me bright with an array of sparkles

It taints not the grey within, Eeyore has nothing on me,  I smile, bright as the sun.


Take two: 

Beyond the mount the gods arise to the sound of Cilo and her sisters,

Soaking in nectar, sipping ambrosia, they summon the stars to adorn their paths, like light through a prism they shine in glory.

Olympus, I long for thee, let me feast on thy beauty alone.

Take three:

We shall build a tower up to the gods, we shall adorn the towers brightly, the gods shall smile in delight.

Nay, we shall cover it in ashes, the gods shall bark and rave.

Aye, we shall cover them in both, the gods shall applaud our wisdom, for such is the tide  of life they bid  us live.

Written for Sonya’s three line tales week 119.

Middle picture by Oneisha Lee.





Fallen bridges.

“So, which do you think I should pick? You reckon she will like the yellow one?”

“Maybe.” Walking right past the vase without so much as a glance.

“Come on, you didn’t even look at it. What’s with you?”

“You know very well the answer to that question.”

“Why can’t you leave things well alone?”

“I would if you stopped dragging me into the middle. She doesn’t want these silly gifts, she wants you, her daughter back home.” 

“You know that’s not possible besides she has you.”

“Have it your way, do consider postage charges this time.”


“Yes, really.”

I do apologise for my absence the last couple of months, life has been ….. anything but interesting.

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This story is written for Friday fictioneers a writing challenge hosted by Rochelle. The picture was provided by the lovely Sarah Ann Hall, the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge. Thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.