Love is an exercise in balance.

To love another or anything is to do what’s best for them or you under any given circumstance, it requires a balanced personality.

It might mean walking away today or staying an extra day tomorrow. Saying NO today in order to lay the right foundation for tomorrow. It never depends on falsehoods, no matter  the reason falsehood always taints the end result.

To love obsessively or to withhold love is not love at all, each scenario obstructs our ability to make the right choice for all involved.

Happy Monday people, let love lead the way through this week.

And in the spirit of love, try not to take offence too often this week. Let some things wash off you like water off a ducks back, pick your battles wisely. (The last part is strictly a reminder to myself.)fence

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

A gift riddled with what ifs…

Advantage of Foresight

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Advantage of Foresight.”

First question how much of the future are we talking about; a second, minute, hour, day? Ok put that question aside let’s imagine we can see the next second or even a snippet of tomorrow and proceed to change the outcome by doing something different today what’s to guarantee that this change does not have a parallel effect on others around us or on the outcome of much further incidences with grave outcomes.

Let’s make the situation worse, for each time you look into the future you lose a day on earth. Put the above paragraph into context and I foresee a very short anxiety filled life for lots of people, myself included. So no I won’t be using this gift, thank you. I’ll live one day at a time.

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” Simone de Beauvoir

The group

….I was always grateful when Johnny didn’t come home; I never thought I would say that about my husband. Gosh! it sounds horrible, but for me it meant a good night’s rest without any new scars….”

“...I know what you mean, it got so bad with my Ex, on some nights I could hear Emily praying her father would get lost again. It broke my heart to hear her say that. A girl’s father should be her hero…..”

“… The most painful part for me, was knowing that I had willingly let him into my life and when the beatings started it felt like I couldn’t let him go. Like I deserved the beating as a punishment for my bad judgement….”

“…I went through that stage as well it’s almost like you are unconscious, constantly in denial. But I woke up the day he laid his hands on Emily….”

“…Mummy tiger to the rescue! Whoop whoop! (cheers and laughter filled the room) I can’t imagine what I would have done if I had been in your shoes. Probably killed the idiot…”

“…But does it ever really get better, you know the self-doubt, constant fear that he might just show up again. Does it ever go away? …”

“….It will honey, but it’s a slow gradual process. You have to hang in there and tell yourself daily that you can truly smile again…”

“…Gotta run ladies, Emily’s recital is for three and big mamas gotta show. See you all next week…”

“….bye honey, hope she breaks a leg…”

“…Make a video for us and give Emily my love. Tell her aunt Grace says hello….”

“….Will do…”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Groupthink.”

Deep in the woods

Alistair looked in from the window of the abandoned shack in the woods, his brain a muddled network of confusion. He wiped his glasses hoping to erase the scene before him, back on his nose his glasses were cleaner, but the scene unfortunately stayed the same.

He contemplated running for help, then he thought of running off into the woods to escape the memory of what he had just seen. With each passing second fear and a growing curiosity kept him rooted to the spot much like the trees shadowed by the dull rays of the setting sun.woods

She was a sprawled mass of tangled limbs in a pool of blood, every part of her was covered in bruised slash wounds except her face. A face one could attribute to the fairest in the land, she was angelic. Even in her present state she still seemed ill-fitted to the dingy dust filled shack.

He was jolted from his transfixed state by a deep feeling of self disgust as he realized that a dead girl was turning him on. He turned to escape the scene when something more disturbing caught his eyes…….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Choose Your Adventure.”

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To our new leader

Dear Mr President,

Aso rock Abuja,


It is with immense pleasure that we welcome the beginning of your tenure especially as it marks the first smooth democratic transfer of power. However, our pleasure is marred by past events which often indicates that a change in power does not necessarily mean a productive change in society. But in a show of faith I would love to believe change is on the way, one area this would be highly appreciated would be the creation of a diversified economy. Why that and not the provision of constant power supply you might ask? My reasons are explained below

Facts about oil production

Source: Oil-Led Development: Social, Political, and Economic Consequences by Terry L. Karl, January 2007.

Oil-led Development: this is development based on overwhelming dependence on revenues from the export (and not the internal consumption) of petroleum, as measured by the ratio of oil and gas to GDP, total exports, and the contribution to central government revenues.

Resource Curse: is the negative growth and development outcome associated with minerals and petroleum-led development. In its narrowest sense, it is the inverse relationship between high levels of natural resource dependence and growth rates.

Dutch Disease: this occurs when resource booms cause real exchange rates to rise and labour and capital to migrate to the booming sector. This results in higher costs and reduced competitiveness for domestically produced goods and services, effectively “crowding out” previously productive sectors.

Rent: as defined by Adam Smith’s is the unearned income or profits “reaped by those who did not sow.” According to economists, rents are earnings in excess of all relevant costs, including the market rate of return on invested assets.

Rentier State: A state that lives from externally generated rents rather than the surplus production of the population. In oil-exporting states, it is measured as the percentage of natural resource rents in total government revenues.

Rent-seeking: This refers to efforts, both legal and illegal efforts, to acquire access to or control over opportunities for earning rents. This can be seen in the public or private sector.

Oil boom can be beneficial or detrimental to a society depending on two factors first, the existing political, social and economic institutions available to manage oil wealth as it comes on-stream and, second, the extent to which oil revenues subsequently transform these institutions in a rentier direction. According to the above statements the occurrence of the 1970 oil boom just at the end of the Biafran war in Nigeria probably played a huge role in the negative impact of oil on our nation.

The impact of an oil-led development on the economy and society as a whole tends to be negative, common effects include

1. An Increase in the real exchange rate of the country’s currency, thus rendering most other exports non competitive a phenomenon called the “Dutch Disease.” It “crowds out’ other productive sectors and makes the diversification of the economy particularly difficult.

2. Frequent economic shocks and susceptibility to acute boom- burst cycles due to the price volatility of the international primary commodities market. It affects economic development, budgetary discipline, the control of public finances, state planning, investment, income distribution and poverty alleviation.

3. It fails to offer long-term sustainable employment available to the masses, but seriously disrupts pre-existing patterns of production. It creates a few jobs in comparison to the amount of capital invested and the skill required for these jobs usually does not fit the profile of the mass unemployed.

4. It creates a rentier state which depends on oil rents rather than direct taxation. The leaders are likely to tax their citizens lightly or not at all, thus making them detached from and unaccountable to them. The citizens in turn, are less likely to demand accountability from its leaders.

5. The occurrence of social dislocations, environmental and health hazards, and higher levels of conflict increase. New oil exploitation attracts a large number of migrants, significantly increases the cost of living  probably due to the higher salaries of oil project workers which inflates the local prices of key goods and services, even for those who do not share in the benefits of an oil project. It also has an adverse impact on public health issues such as poor housing, increased Incidence of HIV/AIDS near oil localities.

In summary, countries dependent on oil as their major resource for development are characterized by exceptionally poor governance and high corruption, a culture of rent-seeking, often devastating economic, health and environmental consequences at the local level, and high incidences of conflict and war.

Mr President I am not saying that all our problems will be solved by diversification that would be naive. However, diversifying the economy would first decentralize the present monopoly market that carters for a few against the well-being of many, move the economy away from a rentier state and introduce taxation which would lead to more accountability.

Many have said you are a disciplined man, one interested in the rule of law, if this is true it is my belief that you can tackle this issue and move the nation to where it ought to be. Studying countries with a diversified economy, despite having oil resource would prove helpful. A good place to start might be Norway.

I hope to see some change as we are desperate for a new dawn and the day that the leaders we have been told we were comes to life.

Thank you,

A concerned citizen.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Leader.”

Treasure each moment; the good, the bad and the downright unpleasant.


Treasure the days when all of nature seems to light up your part,

And everything falls into place effortlessly,

For they serve to boost your confidence


Treasure the moments that question your beliefs

Creating self doubt within

For they serve to weave your intricate being


Treasure the days marked by lonesome journeys

When no one seems to be rooting for you

For they build in you the will to triumph.


Treasure the days of small beginnings

Filled with undiscovered potential

For they imbibe in you strength for the journey ahead.

Do not rush it for it might leave scalding mark on your history

Do not hide from it for like a missile it will find you striking when  most vulnerable.

Treasure each moment; the good, the bad and the downright unpleasant.

Written by Chioma I Nwafor.

All pictures courtesy of pixabay free images.

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

Hermosa lengua

Spanish for me please.

Love the way it reads.

I would definitely write a lot of my tales from home articles in Spanish.

A love letter to my husband making each anniversary.

A letter/diary note celebrating my kid(s) journey each decade we share together.

 Everything in life I hold dear, I would document in Spanish.

Español para mí por favor .

Me encanta la forma en que se lee.

Definitivamente, me gustaría escribir un montón de mis cuentos de artículos caseros en español .

Una carta de amor a mi marido haciendo que cada aniversario.

Anu nota magna / diario celebrando mi hijo ( s ) viaje cada década que compartimos juntos .

Todo en la vida que aprecio , me documentaría en español .

                                  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take That, Rosetta!.”

The voice of society.

We rarely had any quiet mornings in our house.Once Ma got up everyone had to get up, it was a silent unmentioned code of conduct by which we started the day. “Thou shall rise once mother rises” …The best part of each morning was a casual debate with dad, I debated whilst he tried to educate me on my ancestral country India, He had to link every topic to India. Since I was the first generation British – Indian he wanted to make sure I didn’t lose touch with the Indian part of me.

“Dad the government should be the one’s championing the course for the movie. How will people learn if they are not informed”

How can we hope for India to progress become developed if a simple movie documenting a heinous crime is banned from showing? It’s an infringement on the freedom of the press. Honestly dad if we take a close look freedom of speech has also be trampled on.

Nabijah, your generation is often too fast to conclude on issues, you haven’t looked at the entire picture, nor have you considered it  from the point of an individual living under the cultural and societal influence of Indian.” replied Dad as he sipped his cup of green tea with his glasses sitting quite low on the tip of his nose.

Daddy its really straightforward: In 2012 a horrific crime of rape was committed, the victim died, the culprits were caught, persecuted and sentenced. For this part I applaud the government, they had surprised me with their speedy response.

“But why go through all that and then refuse to allow a documentary which exposes the criminals for the low lives they are from showing?”

“Giving the lame excuse that it appears to encourage and incite violence against women is totally not acceptable. Documentaries, research and theories are done to educate and inform people on topics they might explore on their own”.

“Have you considered the image such a documentary would paint of India to the world? Or the rippling effect it can have on other criminal minds longing for a view moments of false glory that a media or documentary would give?” said Dad.

“You must also consider the reason behind the documentary, was it directed at exposing a bunch of criminals or to depict India as a sexist unbalanced country. Granted gender equality isn’t firmly established back home but using rape as a yardstick is wrong.”

But Dad….

“Hold on cupcake, rape also occurs in the UK some never get reported and not all that are reported get justice. Does that make gender equality a hot media topic to smear on the UK? No. Its’ reported differently, the focus changes.” replied Dad.

“Ok Dad, I see where you’re coming from but what do you make of Mukesh Singh’s statement blaming the victim for being out late. He actually claimed a girl was more responsible for rape than a boy.”

“If that doesn’t scream gender inequality from a mile off I don’t know what does!”

“You’re right it does depict gender inequality but were those words obtained freely or was he badgered to make a statement worth reporting. Does everyone in India who believes a girl should have early nights also agree that those who stay out late should be abused,No.” 

“I am an advocate of free press and freedom of speech but these things must be looked into before unleashing  the documentary on the public.” Dad replied.

“The press supposedly should be the voice of the society, but when it fails to uphold the views of the people it becomes a confused voice.”

“Well dad until we see the documentary we will have to agree to disagree. But I still feel they should let it air.” I said knowing that Dad did have valid points. 

“I know you do my darling you are not one to back down easily”.

India will grow and develop at its own pace. It didn’t need the stress of wrong global labels on its government and citizens. But I would welcome such documentaries as they serve to make the nation stand up and make positive changes.voice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A House Divided.”

One is missing.

When we all make an effort, we reduce the burden on each person.

When we pass the bulk, we place the burden on another person.

We all need each other.

One can only go so far, endure so much

Even celebrate alone for so long before the novelty of one alone wears off.

We all need each other.

True one can be replaced but we would all note that absence soon enough.

When the need for that one alone causes a passage to sound monotonous.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five.” The missing letter/alphabet is I.