Baymax 101 class

Meet Baymax a robotic nurse and a character from the cartoon Big Hero 6. Created by Tadashi Hamada, Baymax is designed  to serve as a personal healthcare companion activated by signs of distress (emotional or physical) displayed by its patient. He scans the patient and recommends appropriate treatment. Baymax embodies the six C’s his caring, compassionate, has excellent communication skills, is committed, very competent and undoubtedly courageous. 

When Tadashi dies his brother Hiro through a series of funny and sad scenes becomes Baymax patient. I will have to skip some storytelling to get to my point. Hiro decides to avenge his brothers death, in order to do this he adapts Baymax appearance and data files to fit that of a fighter robot. 

Meet the new Baymax:

However, when Hiro demands that Baymax ‘finishes’ the individual responsible for his brothers death Baymax informs him that he wasn’t programmed to harm anyone. Hiro proceeds to override Baymax original programming by taking out the data card and slotting in only the data card with the fighter program. At this point Baymax the caring marshmallow ceased to exist and a destroyer was born. Thanks to Hiro’s friends the story doesn’t end on such a bleak note.


Don’t let life’s angst change your data code for the worst.

Pray/hope and reach for friends who pull you back to the core of goodness within.

Forgive yourself those past errors and like Baymax seal your portal from negative influence.

Pray your strength, courage never yields to the bashing blows of an angry/hurting world.

Use your strength positively: heal not harm.



pghI stand before you today, not as one who has achieved everything, No. I stand before you as an individual with hopes to achieve much more in life.

‘But you’re an adult, free to do as you will. An African woman, married to a wonderful husband and blessed with a beautiful child; surely your life has come full circle?’

Indeed, it has, but I ask myself is it a full circle or an empty circle? Does the circle pour out to others or is it set to explode from fermentation? And yes I have freedom: freedom to live life to its fullest, to ensure that I do not place myself or another in harms way. Freedom to be a responsible earth citizen for that is the only true form of freedom, every other form enslaves the mind and body to a silent master.

I stand before you today not to encourage you to read your books or shun distractions. No. I stand before you as an individual who knows that it all counts for nothing if you haven’t given it your best or stayed true to yourself.

But you were a prefect, a bible study coordinator, you rarely if ever broke the rules and now you advise us to be carefree?’

Yes, I advise you find yourself and embrace it within the love of God. I advise that you seek God with all your heart because without him a lot might not make sense.

But I also advise you, to do for yourself to the best of your ability what God has already equipped you to do. God will not study for you, neither will he sleep for you. He might ease your understanding and grant you peaceful rest, but the choice to do either activity timely is essentially up to you.

I advise that you be open-minded and explore life because the adventure ahead is not for those with weak faiths or passed on beliefs.

But I also advise that you stay true to the principles that shaped you thus far. Not everyone was meant to love you and not everyone was assigned to stay with you forever. Each has a purpose, each has a time.

Life is indeed a circle, what’s inside is more important than what’s outside. Regardless of size or origin, every circle has the potential to morph into something else: bigger, dangerous, friendly etc.

Do not under or over estimate any circle, a circle of one with itself is still a might force.

In response to the daily prompt – Alma Mater.

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.