Life is …. #3

Life is … a poker game, you can’t choose what cards you’re dealt, but you can decide to play or not. If you decide to play you must understand the following:

The rules cannot be changed to suit you and should you try bending them, karma will always finds a way to set the record straight.

The higher the stakes, the higher the tension: the more collateral damage every wrong call becomes, but equally more intoxicating is the taste of victory under such circumstances.

A poker face is essential, but so is an innocent face: the latter makes losing to you a little easier, depending on where and who you play with.

Painter: Cassius Marcellus Coolidge
       Painter: Cassius Marcellus Coolidge Source:             

Only those who dare, stand a chance.

Thus, the reason for the ubiquitous existence of comfort zones even in dire situations.

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. This is the third edition of my ‘life is’ series where I try to relate life to different concepts/ideas in society. Would love to hear your opinion on life is … a poker game.