Cactus love.

In response to Picture it & write hosted by Eliabeth Hawthorne.

8:00am Wednesday, 21/08/09 

Text: Hey handsome, hope you slept well? Off to work now, see you at two’ for coffee xx


Reply: Hi, caught up in work won’t be able to make it. Sorry love.

Thursday, 22/08/09

I didn’t text, you didn’t reply.

I didn’t call neither did you.

6:00pm Friday, 23/08/09

“Hiya love, how are you?

“Good (sighs) it’s been a hectic day, only had a couple of minutes to catch my breath,”

“Oh poor you, I could come cheer you up,”

Chuckling “No worries, I’ll be fine'”

“Al-right love, see you later then?

“Yeah, no problem”


I sit at the bar watching you, so animated, full of life and energy just the way you were when we first meet. You dance with her perusing her body with each move, the glint of a hunter sparks in your eyes, at that moment I finally accept the inevitable you’ll never love me like I want you to and I am tired of making compromises just to be with you. My tears are kept at bay, I hold my head high and go through the motions till I return to my safe haven. Wish I could say I hadn’t seen the signs from the beginning, but they were there, undertones woven through every action and communication.

6:00pm Monday 26/08/09

Changed your name to cactus love on my phone.

Changed my Facebook profile from in a relationship to single.

Bought a cactus plant to remind me that if I ever let you in again I would end up with pines in my side and you would be none the wiser as you are just being you.

Goodbye cactus love, your not mine to have or to hold.

cactus coffeeThe above picture was provided and we are challenged to write a story inspired by it. Thanks for stopping by.



In response to picture it & write challenge hosted by Eliabeth Hawthorne.

Creative Writing Exercise: Stardust

Tonight the essence of a sacrificial life ascends the heavens,

A life that burnt with a fiery flame purifying all it came across,

a flame that never burnt nor destroyed an innocent,

A sacrificial life flaming with compassion for both the weary and the strong,

a flame that defended, renewed and nourished,

A simple life marked by daily routines and overlooked sacrifices,

a flame of love shepherding family and strangers alike,

Tonight as we release your ashes to sea the memories of your love and sacrifice

burns bright in our hearts as the heavens welcome you home.

In loving memory of ……

Written by C. I Nwafor

Empowered shadows.

In response to Picture it & write hosted by Eliabeth Hawthorne. Do click on the link.


“Lizzy you really ought to try getting back a little earlier, you don’t know what sort of pervert lurks around corners at these ungodly hours,”

Lizzy didn’t reply.

“And your back won’t hurt so much if you slept on your bed rather the chair. Did you at least lock the door?

Lizzy slept on which was unlike her; even when skunk drunk in the past she somehow managed to string together a few coherent words now and then. She had me worried now, slumped on the chair not responding. Oh God! I hope she hasn’t overdone it this time. Has she taken some random drug at the party?

Scurrying off the bed whilst trying to grab my phone and turn on my desk light simultaneously, a more worrying thought flashed through my mind what if that wasn’t Lizzy? What if it was crazy pervert bidding his time to strike. Oh God! My heart beats like a washing machine spinning dry, trickles of sweat precipitated on my furrowed brows, my hands trembled as fear crippled my entire being.

Who was the stranger in our room?

“What’s up girlfriend,” screeched Lizzy staggering into the room.

Turns out my mystery guest was laundry I had forgotten to fold away earlier in the day. My sleep addled mind had created realistic dimensions of the night shadows.


Sea (see) food.

My friends call me a foodie, which  means I am a food critic; but they got it all wrong. I simply love to appreciate every aspect of my meal, purchasing the raw material, processing it, presenting it and finally partaking in the meal. For some people presentation is irrelevant, but for me it’s the key part of the meal; as they say you first eat with your eyes.Original image found at The Design Work.

Thus, when Sia presented me with the above as a teaser before our meal I had a sinking feeling in my belly. I don’t like seafood; I don’t appreciate seeing angry seafood. And it all went pear shaped when the bell rang announcing the arrival of Chinese take away. Needless to say I won’t be seeing Sia again.


Hi everyone, this is my contribution for the picture it & write creative exercise hosted by Ermilia at ermiliablog. Hope you like it.

Bottled vision

Hi everyone, this is my contribution for the picture it & write creative exercise hosted by Ermilia at ermiliablog. Hope you like it.


“It started with the odd  sip here and there to get me through the early days, then a shot to sooth my bleeding heart. Until it eventually became bottles to drown my caving world,”

“But I still couldn’t quit even when the alarm bells went off in head,”

“Why do you think that was?”

“I simply couldn’t face life at home after the divorce, I felt ashamed, like a failure. And I kept saying to myself, as long as it doesn’t affect my job then its fine. I was so confused,”

“Any idea what made you quit?”

“Ohhh! I know what made me wake-up. It’s something I will always regret for the rest of my life, a moment of bottled vision; I hurt the only person who stood by me in the darkest hour,”

“Do you feel like telling me what happened?”

I took a deep breath and blurted it out “It’s not like I planned it and I wasn’t thinking straight, but the moment she left town I made up a flimsy excuse about my car and faithful as ever Sonya sent Dave over to check it for me. I knew Dave was attracted to me and felt my pain, I knew it was a bad idea, but I just needed someone to make me feel needed again. I hadn’t planned for what happened,”


The wish

Hi everyone this is my contribution for the picture it & write creative exercise hosted by Ermilia at ermiliablog. Hope you like it.

Eyes tightly shut, hands planted firmly over her ears the child on the stairs was definitely making an effort to replicate the old saying “see no evil, hear no evil”. It was almost amusing to watch, to imagine what thoughts ran through her young mind. Until the sound of heated voices coming from the window behind caught your attention.

Holly sat on the stairs wishing someone could save her from this “hammer house” of horror called home. She wished her mum would meet a man like the one in the movie and he would come up the stairs with a bunch of flowers and take them to a new home. It wasn’t impossible or was it?

Holly looked up in time to see a wishing star whiz by and she made a wish…”I wish my mum would meet a man like the one in pretty woman. Please pleeeeeasee”.