Quote on purpose.

As you might have noticed, I seem to be preoccupied with the word purpose lately. Today I came across a sentence that struck a nerve whilst reading a post over at Peter Wells blog aka counting ducks. He writes some amazing reflective pieces, do click on the link to discover the source of this quote and much more.


Picture and background courtesy  creatingahome.

The quote is an excerpt written by Peter Wells in the post Yesterdays promise.

What are your thoughts?

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Life is … #7

Life is …. a tree, it never shows up suddenly. It might be planted intentionally or propagated by the forces of nature.

No matter how big or small a tree is it must undergo the renewing and conserving process of abscission.

Some do so gradually over a long period of time (evergreen trees), others do so at once (deciduous trees). Which ever way it happens each is still a tree undergoing growth differently all to fit in with purpose.

That which has fulfilled it’s purpose gives way to the new, it’s a cycle of growth; holding unto the past or excess luggage hampers the future.

Thus we must take a leave from the trees and let the future breath through our past victories, mistakes or unknowns.

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. This is the sixth edition of my ‘life is’ series where I try to relate life to different concepts/ideas in society. Would love to hear your thoughts on life is … a tree.

Feet don’t lie.

unnamedA persons face might belie their age, but their feet will surely tell you tales. The scabs on my heels and toes: they tell the story of a school girl who couldn’t afford to buy shoes to fit her ever growing feet. My youth was marked by second-hand and hand-me-down shoes which squeezed my feet into unimaginable shapes, leaving them constantly smelling like damp sweaty socks.

The speed at which they move is a testament to hours of practice scurrying around accomplishing numerous errands after school. Oh, the miles my young feet trudged just to ensure I had a meal and roof over my head each night. Cleaning here, dusting there: escaping a beating here, delivering a message there. But my feet never ran faster than when they took me miles away from the vile spawn of my master as he tried to touch my nether regions. I might have been an orphan but I wasn’t going to be the receptacle of an atrocious swine’s seed.

It was the strength and balance in my feet that kept me through dark lonely days on the street begging for food, slaving away for a penny in dark mines and launderettes. And it is their patience and stamina that has brought me before you today: humbled by the scars that my feet have endured, but confident in their ability to survive whatever lies ahead.

So before you desire a walk in my Walter Steiger or Christian Louboutin shoes remember to take a walk in the thread bare sandals that saw me through my first year. No, my face might not tell you all, but my feet will never lie, welcome to the beginning of the first year to the rest of your life.

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I am thirty and it’s fine.

So sometime within this month I turned thirty (yippe) to be honest I never gave it any thought until a few days to the date. I remember sitting with a new acquaintance who coincidentally turned thirty as well in July, at the end of the visit we both agreed that the number thirty seemed like a huge milestone and some how makes you feel like you haven’t done much with your life.

Today, however I read a post here that echoed to a large extent the sentiments shared by myself and my new acquaintance. Turning thirty means different things to different people. For some it is something to be happy about, for others something to be embarrassed about: something to celebrate with hopes of a better future or something to sit and moan about.

Personally I have decided it’s something to celebrate and move on from.

Armed with these principles, I hope to make the next decade even more fabulous:

  • To do something productive with each day I get: engaging my mind in positive activities. To always remember that some days being productive might simply mean staying hopeful and not everything will play an obvious role in the bigger picture, it might just be for today so enjoy it.
  • To never compare the realities of my life to the silver lining posts of other peoples lives on social media: actually to not compare my life at all.
  • Never let anyone/any thought live rent free in your heart, head or mind.

With a dash of grace and sprinkling of healthy mental attitude the future can only get better.

Did some DIY baking and went off to volunteer at a health fair: boring, but on point with my principles. Love to hear what you did on your thirtieth birthday or what you  plan to  do?


“Dying souls and bleeding hearts strewn across the field: some young, some old, all hoping salvation would come before the final breath escapes them.” She whispered, standing ramrod straight with her gaze firmly fixed on the painting.

“That’s what I see.” She concluded

Shaking his head in dismay and amusement “Why does everything have to be about death? I’m starting to think you’re a fatalistic person, a sexy fatalistic person.”

“Well I might be …”

Truth was she was a softie, scared to open her heart to love again. Everything died, everything including love: it wasn’t death that she was afraid of that ultimately has to happen, it was the mourning period and recovery that worried her. How many times do you go through that before you become fatalistic?

“… now it’s your turn, tell me what you see Mr optimistic.”

tree of love 2
© maf04 / photo on flickr

“I see love blossoming in a field of hope, danger, sexuality, anger, romance, joy and most importantly passion.… pulling her that bit closer he continued … I see a tree of love shedding leaves of negativity, making room for a fresh set of love buds to blossom.” He whispered the last words into her ears, they were meant solely for her.

Oh God, this was going to be hard to shake off: there was no way her heart would survive mourning him, if she ever lost him. She had to end this now before … she was already in too deep.

He smiled as he sensed her turmoil, she didn’t know it yet, but he was here to stay. They would plant that tree and watch it grow old together.

What is life? Life is …

Life is … A constantly changing equation solved by substitution starting from the known to the unknown. The equation has a constant variable – You(U) and is better approached using the rule of BODMAS.

(UPI + (XY)z  – Ab x 100)c = Life

Bracket: try to keep everything together

Order: It’s not enough to keep things together, it’s important to have them organised as well.

Divide: place the responsibility for each action where it rightfully belongs, this way you’ll know you not always a hundred percent innocent.

Multiply: evaluate what effect you have on those around you. Do you

  • increase their negative potentials: 3 x -1 = -3
  • decrease their potentials (negatively/positively): 3 x 0 = 0 or -3 x 0 = 0
  •  increase them or leave them the same: 3 x 2 = 6 or 3 x 1= 1

Addition: always bring something positive to the equation. The positive might be hurtful at the moment but in hindsight it will be worth it.

Subtraction: the last rule, only take away what isn’t necessary, helpful or needed.


Thus, it’s easy to see why many find life a bit perplexing, maths was never popular with the masses.

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The mural.


She was starting to think he had forgotten she was his eighteen year old daughter; emphasis on eighteen and daughter. Why had he planned such a military themed day?

Jessie shrank further into the cab as it pulled up, what next?

“Come on honey we are here”

“Here, where?”

“You’ll see in a minute,” her dad said turning the corner.

Standing in front of the mural, Jessie’s frown blossomed into a smile at that moment she knew he would support her dreams, despite his reservations.

It was the best gift he had ever given her before returning to base.

In response to Friday fictioneers writing challenge hosted by Rochelle.  The picture was provided by C.E.Ayr and we are asked to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting it, see you next week.

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