Woman to woman

Informed choices not sponsored choices

celebrating strengths, supporting weaknesses

Nurture and nature, fostering the bonds from womb to world

There are no divides save the ones we refuse to own.

Woman to woman, mother to mother

A vibrant story of many lines, a common theme of ‘baby and mother first’ at it’s core

Things fall apart when the core starts to unravel.

I hold you close, you hold me dear,

We uphold the facts for all to see.



Happy breastfeeding week

Different roots, one tree.

Hi everyone, this is a piece of fiction written in response to the picture it & write challenge hosted by Eliabeth Hawthorne.

Original image found here: http://www.thedesignwork.com/weird-pictures/
Source: http://www.thedesignwork.com/weird-pictures

“Dad, what is a family tree? I heard Miss Kim talking in the garden and she said the family tree is almost complete. Is it a type of tree in her garden? Do we have one too?”

“Yes, we have one and no it doesn’t grow in the garden. It’s a drawing to show all the members of a family going waaaaays back in time,” her dad replied.

“Like way way waaaaaay back to Jan-uary?” Lisa asked looking very serious and comical.

“No, further back than then. We can start from great grandpa and ….” her dad stopped when he saw how confused she looked. “OK let’s get some writing material and I’ll show you how to draw a family tree.”


And just when he thought he had gotten away with a simple diagram,

“Dad, if great-grandpa was Indian and great-grandma was American, how come am British and live in Peru?”

How do I explain this to a five-year -old, think fast Presto!.

“Lisa, do you remember the picture in the living room of the tree with many roots?”

“Ye..s ..ss.” Lisa replied.

“Well you see like the tree, you are one person with several different roots which helps you grow wherever you’re planted. The different roots represent all your grandpas and grandmas, they all came together to form you.”


Oh boy this was not going to end soon.

Source: https://mediadiversityuk

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