Happy new year

Happy new year!

I guess in every sense of the word it is indeed a new year for me as a blogger. Today marks my fifth year on WordPress. I haven’t been ‘actively’ around in the last 2 – 3 years, life has happened, life is happening and I am sure it will carry on happening for a long while yet. But before I get carried away to the land of reminiscence permit me once more to say, happy new year again!

The last few years have been filled with so many lessons to learn and many more to unlearn. As 2020 arrived, I had only one request on my heart, to have perfect vision. To see the obvious, to decipher the hidden and to lead my heart to better days. January is almost over, there are lessons to be reviewed and thoughts to be weighed.

Lesson one: stop overthinking. When something happens, accept your responsibility in the sequence of event, admit the culpability of others involved. Overthinking: trying to decipher others intent without speaking to them, often this leads to gossip or to wish you could get back at them. Determine: to take the lessons learnt or steps discovered forward. To see people as humans who are either whole, broken, insecure, arrogant or just plain toxic.

Lesson two: accept that confidence and self- confidence are not necessarily the same things. Accept that many people don’t necessarily know the difference between both terms. Acknowledge that most people in today’s world consider the extreme of confidence i.e. arrogance to be the confidence. knowing one’s weakness in an area is not a limitation in all areas. It is self-confidence to know one’s weakness, to accept the implications of this weakness, to decipher if they’re changeable or not. This limitation should not drive you to over-compensate in other areas. Everyone has weaknesses. Simply decide: to put in your best at all times, to continually learn, to grow your strengths and develop your weaknesses were possible. Determine: not to base your sense of worth on your performance in front of others, you’re an individual not a character in a play.

It is confidence to know when to walk alone and when to walk with another.

In 2020, Balance is key.

Goal: to always see the woods for the trees.

To know what counts each day, each season and to max out the counts.

Happy new year again!

What have you done with your year so far?



Confessions of the day.

Both prayed and signed the cross “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  The amen was said in unison.


“May the Lord renew your heart, helping you confess your sins with true sorrow.”

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been six days since my last confession.”

“I have caused the death of  five people just in this region: one through a car crash, another had a heart attack while shaving. It’s not clear how the others died, but I know it’s linked to me.

“Thirty six people relapsed into depression, when they noticed my presence. Children weep at the mere thought of my arrival and this really breaks my heart.The only ones who seem happy to see me are divorce lawyers and bar tenders. The actions of the weekend brings customers trooping in their multitudes. Father what do I do?

“My child, how is it that you have caused all this to happen, how are you in many places at once?”

“That is the problem father, I am not there in person most of the time, some of it just happens at the thought of my being there.”

“Then I do not think the blame lies solely at your feet, perhaps it is the thought of their hearts and fear that has snared them my child.”

“I know you are probably right father, but I can’t help how I feel. I want to change my name, I want to be known as Nouday or Nueday: maybe if my name evokes the idea of freshness or a new beginning perhaps people won’t fear so much.”

“I do not think this will help very much as people have become accustomed to the present cycle; the change must come from within.”

“But my current name sounds like mourning or moon, a very sober name especially coming after the Sunny day. A new name might help a little.”

“Then so be it my child, but I must say I fear people will still continue in their belief.”Memories

Sorry if you had to read this early when it wasn’t complete. I scheduled it and hadn’t completed it yet. So do you think Monday stands a chance with a new name?