A burning tree; illuminated by the angels.

perhaps a curse from the gods; perhaps a blink of hope to the weary traveler.

Certainly a haven for evil spirits; surely a place of restoration.


Oh hogwash!

I’m just a tree hiding a lamp post.

And I am just a lamp post sheltered by a tree.

Let your light shine where ever you are …

Not every covering is to be shaken off, sometimes they add more mystery to us, sometimes they keep us safe.

No matter what you do everyone will have an opinion

even when they can’t see the whole picture.

Versions of light.

Light conquers darkness, brightening everything.

What’s that in the corner, a shadow?.

Yes, a compromise to co-exist.

Sunset, Sky, Sun, Cloud, Twilight, Red
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Sky-blue and daylight, sky-glow and

nightlight, would that by serendipity we understand

that light eludes the grave. 

Written in response to TJ Paris haiku challenge – light.