New memories

11:00 PM20151109_163447

I tossed, I turned,

But sleep eluded me.

What worried me, I knew naught.

I had to find rest, tomorrow was another workday.

I blinked, I twitched, I lie in my mother’s arm. She held me close, her warmth securing my world. We shared a bond that change will sorely test; a truth my infantile mind knew naught, a truth she embraced with querying thoughts.

12:00 AM

I tossed and turned again,

This time it lured me

And I followed willingly.

I found rest, tomorrow would be here.

I stretched, I hugged my pillow. I stood in front of my father: he spoke, I listened. I went to school: people spoke , I listened, I spoke. After a while the words became weights bearing down on us. Just in time the arms of faith carried us through, for though we all spoke our thoughts left us querying the wisdom of speech.

3:00 AM

I … no this time I didn’t toss neither did I turn.

I slumbered peacefully.

I found rest in the knowledge of hope.

In the beauty of forgiveness.

In the strength of love.

I loved myself enough to understand that the world would hopefully outlive me. I loved life enough to try and bury my  pain, confusion or fears so I can leave a finger print of happiness on the sands of time. I loved tomorrow enough to know that querying thoughts should not be left to the night, they should be the stairs for tomorrows happy memories.

6:00 AM

I am awake, I am an early bird and today belongs to me.Slide5

Written for the daily prompt ‘because-the-night’.


Life is …. #10

Life is … a rainbow.

It happens when the sun is blazing down and the heavens are pouring forth without mercy.

In the midst of natures mixed emotional show we fail to admire/enjoy the awesome display put on by the rainbow.

Life is created in the mist of mixed events (For example: the blazing sun could stand for strong emotions during sex and the rain could stand for an orgasm/ejaculation), it continues in the middle of mixed events (wars and weddings), it ends with mixed events (Some die naturally, others don’t. Some are mourned, some are celebrated to be gone).

Life happens …

The rainbow is a sign that being alive in the midst of chaos is reason enough to be thankful, a nudge to go on even though everything doesn’t make sense.

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. This is the tenth edition of my ‘life is’ series where I try to relate life to different concepts/ideas in society. Would love to hear your thoughts on life is … a rainbow.