Thank you

Well, it has been two months since the end of our 12 weeks run for charity.

I must apologise for the delay in expressing my gratitude to all who supported our running endevour.

The children were surprised by how much we raised, so was I.

Thank you again for your support. We appreciate it ever so much.

And thank you so much St. Mungo’s for honouring the childrens endevour.

This was our first run.

I look forward to sesing what we can do this year. Preferrably in the summer. I hope you will support us again.

Thank you.


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The sight of laundry hanging on a wash line, intrigued and unsettled Daphne.

It was so common place but yet so unusual in her world.

As a child, gardens had been a place for endless frivolities.

Yet there she found her father, by the fountain, neck grotesuely twisted, a knife pointing to the heavens from his chest.

It became an archway to nightmares, an end to childhood.

Like her mind that garden lay over run by weeds, struggling to find its self.

She desperately longed for her mind to be reborn, to shed the carcass of her old home.

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

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Forgive me for the lack of response to the last two weeks participation and for being absent last week. I tried to merge my thoughts from last weeks photo with this weeks prompt. I hope the story is interesting. See you at your blog post.

Tender hope.

She starred at the board, and smiled.

There was a tick next to each item.

First the promotion, although it had been middle of the list. It was the first to be achieved.

The second was more dicey. But she had done it. Hosted multiple lavish dinners befitting their status.


Eric and her mother had beamed with pride.

On the side of the board was a sticky note. A single item.

She had not had the courage to put it on the vision board.

And she wasn’t going to either.

Her body and mind were not ready to try again yet.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting the writing event Friday fictiooneers. The rule is to write a 100 word piece in response to the provided picture. Please click the link to visit Rochelle’s blog. It will be worth your while. And click this link to read other stories and write ups.

Au revoir 2022

The year of all years.

Tears a fountain of relief, a faucet for pent up weariness.

Heart palpitations a plenty.

Fears like racing hordes from hell.

Unswerving doubt a cloak of comfort.


Hope in the voice of a mother (s) rises …

I have been blessed to have several women who in the past and till today continue to nurture me. They pray with me, they advise me. They encourage me to go beyond praying to doing. They call my mind back to the multitude of reasons to be thankful. To count what I have, rather than miss what never was or is not yet. They make me live in the now. I love them.

For all my mum’s thank you for reminding me that now, is all we really have.

Echos in the voice of a friend (s) beckons …

I am thankful for these ladies, they listen, they hear me and although many miles seperate us they see me. For them I am grateful. When stressed I can hear them say, you are not alone. I have got you. I have gone through this, I am going through similar. This cannot end you. This is a phase. I hear them and I sleep, to wake with a resolve to be better.

Laughter in a cord of three holds tight ….

Two of three

Where do i start with this. Sisters by blood, by heart. They stand like amazons with a whip to shape my over thinking mind into focus. They correct me. They defend me. They shield my mind when it seeks to spiral out of control. We trade stories of all the craziness around us and keep each other sane. We consciously choose to stand despite our differences. A cord of three, our bond holds fast.

Trust in the steadfastness of oaks, comforts me….

I am thankful for the men in my life. Like an oak tree they are strong within as without. In a world that allows them leeway to be dubious, i am most thankful that they stand as people of insight, integrity and faith. May the father keep you and sheild you from the axe of the wicked.

Pleasure in the eyes of youth, renews me …

Bright as light

What can I say, this holds my world together. Your smile illuminates my world. Your tears jar me from all depth of angst. For you see, in your eyes i see a thousand tomorrows and yet many todays. So I want your memories to be sweet but not sickly so. Sour but never rancid. I want your life to be balanced. For if your inner voice holds sure, the world can stand on it’s head and you will know without a doubt that you are standing right side up. You will know whose you are and why you are.

Glow with confidence

Then …

I remember that i also brought something to the table. I remember that I also listened as I was listened to. I prayed for others as I have been prayed for me. I remember that no matter how small, i brought what I could every time I could. I find strength in this.

Finally ….

I am so very grateful to everyone who donated to the kids running page. It made a difference to someone’s christmas this winter. And the lessons from this endeavour is still ongoing. The kids haven’t completely grasped the concept that money does not come freely all the time. You need to add value or create value. Once again thank you so much for your donations. Our page is now closed. We raised a total of £310 before gift aid. So proud of my community of friends & family, you are beyond awesome.

And I am deeply grateful to you my reading audience for staying loyal over the years. Thank you.

Hope the new year sees us soaring in the air like the bird.

Au revoir 2022, I know I wll see you slightly in 2023. The years don’t really change but with God’s help we will be better.

Thanks Again.

Running week 4 & 5

Hello people,

Hope your day is going well? Hope the week has not been too stressful.

Well, I decided to upload our running posts on alternate weeks.

So here is week four and five updates.

Week four was a bit of a struggle. Had to repeatedly encourage and motivate Lady L to run. Mister L, however literally dashes off from the house and comes bundling back with the same enthusiasm. Altogether we motivate each other and give it our best. For week four we attained almost an hour of running and 3119 steps.

Week five was different. It was HALF TERM!!

This gave us the opportunity to enjoy the weather at its’ best. We ran at 12:00 noon. The day was bright and warm. Not too hot to be uncomfortable, it was just perfect. We did our regular four laps between the goal posts. Then, we added in football practice and skipping. This week, my daughter paticipated more and we had alot of fun. There was glucose shots by way of fruitella sweets to energize and motivate the team.

The days are getting cooler but we keep hoping for one day each week to do our run. The objective of our runninng becomes even more important at this time. Join us to help make winter/ christmas less bleaky for someone out there.Thank you so much for your support so far. Click the link to donate to our venture.

To give please click this link.

In plain site

Photo prompt copyright @ Bill Reynolds

“Is this really the best shelter we can make.”

“Unfortunately, yes”

“It does not look strong enough”

“Tell me about it”

“With minimal effort anyone can destroy its’ structural defences. It’s
even more terrifying how easily one can access and restructure its’ internal

“For once I agree with you, this is unwise”

“I understand your reasons for panicking. But you both must trust me.”


“If we hide the treasure in grandeur, it will incite even the most insipid mind.
This way it pulls from the giver what is within, for on its’ own it is an
innocent baby.”

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Opening new doors

Every night in my dreams …. Near, far, wherever you are.

He opened the door.

It was so familiar, yet so different.

The window display was still the same with the “affinity table” at the edge. A confluence points for two hearts and brains to look inwards. Yvonne had proclaimed that with a tinge of patience, and a hint of empathy every query could be teased apart gently.

It was so familiar but the fragrance not quite so.

Then she laughed and he knew without a doubt that his heart would go. In sync to his grand daughters’ laughter, so like his Yvonne’s.

Photo prompt from John Nixon

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A girls dreams, a woman’s reality.

“Ingrid pay mind to your customers. Mrs Lavender requires pears not peaches. I don’t know why the tiniest peep of sun rays and clear skies set your head tumbling.”

“It’s those books from Lady Margaret’s library.”

“What books?” queried mother. Her voice barely above a whisper which
bellied a tumultuous rising temper.

There was no doubt about it, it was definitely going to happen. Louise had
to be gagged at the nearest opportunity.

“It’s nothing mother, Louise is making things up, as always.”

“I’m not …” she yelped in pain she as her sisters’ fingers dug
into her left side.

Photo prompt courtesy / copyright of Brenda Cox.

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Working to live … living to work.



I remember sitting on the bus on my way to work, scared by the choice I had made, excited by the prospects it held. I remember finding solace in these words:

I go to work to earn a living,

a living in my body,

a living in my health,

a living in my mind,

a living in my today,

a living in the future,

a living in my relationships,

a living in my dreams,

a living in my finance.

I am going to work to earn a stand to live the life I hope and hoped for.

While I can not say that this has made my life a smooth ride, it has however, made me slightly less apprehensive. It made me seek out the rainbows! To appreciate everyone who has lent even the most miniscule of help at any point.

God bless!


I see you

I see you,

yes you, with eyes so deep, oceans rise in them.

I see you,

yes you, with tears so silent, dropping pins echo through.

Yes YOU, with a smile so bright, the sun stands in awe.

I see you.

Yes you, having a day, a moment.

I see you,

grappling through the dust for air,

stripping the words for a vowel of hope.

I see you,

Yes you, it’s a moment, a day,

it will pass, and hope will fill your words again.

I see you,

Yes YOU.

copyright N.chioma