I see you

I see you,

yes you, with eyes so deep, oceans rise in them.

I see you,

yes you, with tears so silent, dropping pins echo through.

Yes YOU, with a smile so bright, the sun stands in awe.

I see you.

Yes you, having a day, a moment.

I see you,

grappling through the dust for air,

stripping the words for a vowel of hope.

I see you,

Yes you, it’s a moment, a day,

it will pass, and hope will fill your words again.

I see you,

Yes YOU.

copyright N.chioma


When Monday comes …

The last three years has been some what of a blur for me, my head space feels like an ever swerving maze. Full of ideas, hopes and enticing paths to follow, but none of them seems quiet right for me.

So when another Monday comes calling and I still don’t have the answer, I’ll take a leaf from Maya Angelou …

And until I know what fits perfectly well, I’ll smile and do the best I can with all I have.

I’ll be grateful for life and all it’s mystery.

I’ll write,  I’ll read; I’ll keep searching and I’ll keep applying.

And when I know better, I’ll do better and I’ll write about it.

Good morning everyone. XD

Good Monday as well 😉

And good mental health. 😎



Take time to smile.

When thou threads under open skies,

and thy path seems bright,

When your path to the prize,

is finally flooded by light

Take time to smile.

When thine eyes see no shadows,

and your steps echo.

When the path to your prize feels hollow;

the future before you seems narrow,

Take time to smile.

When a table is set,

with no sustenance to share,

When not a soul is in sight,

and weariness turns to tears

Take time to smile

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Remember the skies will be there through dark or bright paths, lonely or loving days; thus change like the skies will surely come. Happy Monday.

Written by Chioma N. I

Take your happy … where you can.

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Looking back now, I realise there were so many things I took for granted back home: like insects in my mothers vegetable farm, mango fruits growing in the backyard and trees shedding leaves marking the change of seasons. Today, as the struggle of motherhood and maintaining personal identity takes many formats am learning to enjoy every passing discovery as it happens … to take my happy moments where ever I find them. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and content with my life, but as adults things can often take an overwhelming sense of monotony and stress.

Some people choose to go finding thrills and that’s fine as long as no one gets hurt. For those of us that can’t get away, I think happiness can still be found in the most unlikely places if we set our hearts to it. I have never seen a snail without it’s shell before so that was really interesting and the bird just looked so at home in front of the building.

Happy Sunday everyone.

I am thirty and it’s fine.

So sometime within this month I turned thirty (yippe) to be honest I never gave it any thought until a few days to the date. I remember sitting with a new acquaintance who coincidentally turned thirty as well in July, at the end of the visit we both agreed that the number thirty seemed like a huge milestone and some how makes you feel like you haven’t done much with your life.

Today, however I read a post here that echoed to a large extent the sentiments shared by myself and my new acquaintance. Turning thirty means different things to different people. For some it is something to be happy about, for others something to be embarrassed about: something to celebrate with hopes of a better future or something to sit and moan about.

Personally I have decided it’s something to celebrate and move on from.

Armed with these principles, I hope to make the next decade even more fabulous:

  • To do something productive with each day I get: engaging my mind in positive activities. To always remember that some days being productive might simply mean staying hopeful and not everything will play an obvious role in the bigger picture, it might just be for today so enjoy it.
  • To never compare the realities of my life to the silver lining posts of other peoples lives on social media: actually to not compare my life at all.
  • Never let anyone/any thought live rent free in your heart, head or mind.

With a dash of grace and sprinkling of healthy mental attitude the future can only get better.

Did some DIY baking and went off to volunteer at a health fair: boring, but on point with my principles. Love to hear what you did on your thirtieth birthday or what you  plan to  do?

Foggy days

When the days get foggy and my mind can’t see beyond my nose.

I thank God I still have my sight, I hope the fog soon clears.

When the fog clouds my judgement and makes me act ….

I step back to count the times my mind hasn’t failed me and I wait for the fog to clear.

When the fog attempts to scare me about the future,

I look at the past and remember I didn’t always see the path from the beginning, but I trusted my heart to guide me on.

20150922_072223-1 - Copy
     Copyright Chioma Nwafor

And so today as the fog threatens again: I lean back to celebrate, I have a future worth fighting for.

Sunny blues

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copyright Chioma I N

Notice how blue the sky is and how bright the sun shines through in the above picture.

When life’s blue moments try to trap you in, it’s the best time to burst into a song, to smile the most.

It might be tough but refuse to give up, like the sun turn the blues into the perfect background for happier memories to shine through.

Have a blessed day,

Love us.