Turning tides

A single stone rightly aimed

is stronger than heavy armor in battle

turning the tides with precision.



Oh what a tease you’re

going back and forth as though you’ve

no aim, mischievous as ever.


Wash over my soul, cleanse

me from within. Wash over my body

rid me of his stench.



Written for TJ Paris haiku challenge – tide.

Grow the account

Lay them not in hindsight

nor in apology, but in loves bank.

Strengthen the bouquet, againgst mephitic deeds.


Written for TJ P aris haiku challenge – bouquet.

For all the soliders and the one’s who have gone beyond as a result of conflict or hate.

This week I went a  word above the usual, sorry.

Images copyright Livehomeanaway. Found the poor bird dead on the side walk and the poppy in a neighbours backyard.


They rustled dry bones, marshaled

your rustic armors up the mountain peak

left you falling without wings.

Source: Clipart panda

Daily it grew, embryonic words

of time, flapping strengthened wings it flew a

paragraph of love or hate?

Written for TJ Paris haiku challenge – wings 

Hopefully content

Atop a web of uncertainty,

dangled dew drops of hope reflecting shards

of faith through tiny eyes.

Frangipani leaf with bug
Copyright TJ Paris

Atop a web of uncertainty,

dangled dew drops, pure crystals of hope 

magnified by faiths tiny eyes.

bees and flowers
Copyright Chioma Nwafor

Dew drops, tiny drops, settled

atop a petal, minuscule to you but

just enough for little ole me.

Written for TJ Paris haiku challenge – dew

Please indulge me of the three which reads better or which do you prefer and why?


Crinkled lines straightened, patterns welded,

fabrics singed together, perfect until the first wear.

And so the cycle continues.

Vintage iron Hotpoint
Copyright TJ Paris

Written in response to TJ Paris haiku challenge … Iron.