A feast

The feast is served,

whom shall I invite, foe or friend?

whom shall I entice, friend or foe?

It matters not.

With baited breath I wait to see

for whom the web shall spring

friend or foe.

It matters not,

Their fate is sealed.

The feast

A post on awesome

awesome-awardThis is an interesting award to receive especially as I am still, but a wee tot in the blogging world. Thank you so much Millie Thom for nominating me; Millie is an awesome writer who brings to life characters, places and events buried in history on the pages of her blog. Do click on the link: it promises to be informative, fun and colourful.


1. You are awesome; tell us why.

2. You are my friend; tell us about other friends.

3. Be creative, but it’s ok if you are having trouble with this one.

4. There are no direct questions to answer; let yourself run wild!

5. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

6. Notify your nominees.

I didn’t know what to write in response to this award, but after asking Millie a couple of questions, I thought why not start by defining the word awesome. According to the Cambridge on-line dictionary the word awesome can be used to refer to something which causes ​feelings of ​great ​admiration, ​respect, or ​fear. Nature is the one thing that universally elicits this feeling of awe from all of us at different times under different circumstances. It could be in form of a child’s picture, a beautiful sunset, the beating of waves against the beach or the observation of wildlife as they go about their daily activities. Whichever it is something about nature makes us standstill and appreciate it’s presence around us.

The term awesome is also used as an adjective to define people. Recently I came across two people whom I believe did some awesome things in their lifetime. The first is Dashrath Manjhi an Indian citizen also known as the mountain man who with the use of a hammer and chisel carved a path through a 360 ft long, 30 ft wide and 25 ft high hillock. The path shortened the distance between Atri and Wazirganj sectors of the Gaya district by 40km. Before the path was created Dashrath’s wife on her way to bringing him lunch slipped on the said hill and later died from her injuries. This incidence is believed to have inspired his twenty-three years journey to creating the path, that for me is awesome.

The second is a German citizen Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of one thousand-two-hundred Jews by employing them in his enamelware and ammunition factory. He started out as an opportunist who employed the Jews as they were cheaper and more affordable to manage. Over time, however, he came to value them and it is recorded that he spent all of his earning buying black market gifts to bribe soldiers in order to ensure the safety of his workers. In 1963 the Israeli government awarded him the Righteous Among the Nations award, (an award presented to non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis) and he is the only member of the Nazi party to be buried on Mount Zion.

For me these men did awesome things and they achieved it living their regular lives. I think it’s better to go about your daily life and if in the course of your activity an opportunity arises to inspire, lead or save another then take it, but being awesome shouldn’t be the goal. Being the best you can at all times should be the focus.

Now on the topic of friends, I’ll quote the words of social researcher Robert Putnam “The single most common finding from a half-century’s research on life satisfaction, not only in the U.S. but around the world, is that happiness is best predicted by the breath and depth of one’s social connections.” I have been blessed with an awesome social network, one I have constantly thanked God for.

And so my friends (online,offline, in the blogging community e.t.c) you have been the best, providing me with an ample supply of the traits below. Thank you very much.Friends

 My nominees:

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Four in a ship.

One for youth,

Two for growth,

Three and four for comfort.

One for love,

Two for loyalty,

Three and four for light heartedness, bringing sunshine to gloomy days.

My friends and I sail through life on a ship built from trials and triumph.

Like the time Mimi’s parents got divorced, we spent the night camping in her back garden to drive the sadness out of the house, leaving only happy thoughts for the future. I think it really worked.

Or when Molly’s puppy got lost we searched for days, made flyers on Jasmines’ computer, searched the entire neighbourhood for days. We didn’t find him, but we did put our piggy bank savings together and got her a puppy from the pet zoo for Christmas.

Today we mourn my loss: three beautiful babies who never saw the light of day. Then we dance, wave our hands in the air as we celebrate the little one who finally stayed with me, with us.

Her name is Alva … a wise friend, nurtured by friends, birthed by friends.

In response to the writing challenge flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy click on the link to visit the blog. The photograph was provided by etol bagam and the challenge is to write a 100 – 150 words (+/- 25 words) story inspired by it. Do click on the link for other stories.

Written for Nablopomo day twenty-four.

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