I see you

I see you,

yes you, with eyes so deep, oceans rise in them.

I see you,

yes you, with tears so silent, dropping pins echo through.

Yes YOU, with a smile so bright, the sun stands in awe.

I see you.

Yes you, having a day, a moment.

I see you,

grappling through the dust for air,

stripping the words for a vowel of hope.

I see you,

Yes you, it’s a moment, a day,

it will pass, and hope will fill your words again.

I see you,

Yes YOU.

copyright N.chioma


Flower stories.

In response to the Literary lion writing challenge Flowers.

It was her eighteenth birthday and Emma couldn’t help the smile on her face as she reached for her phone. She was eager to discover who sent the first happy birthday message, would it be Kyle her boyfriend or Betty her best-friend. Who was it going to be? Please let it be Kyle it would prove she was constantly on his mind and they belonged together. Terrible you Emma choosing a boy over your best-friend … she giggled at the thought. Unlocking her phone Emma proceeded to check her mail first, attempting to prolong the excitement of finding out if Kyle was her true love.

Opening her inbox, Emma froze. After a few minutes to compose herself she proceeded to read the first mail,

Darling Emma,

I can imagine how excited you feel. Turning eighteen is a huge milestone every teenager looks forward to; suddenly the world seems like your private oyster. Am sure you have a lot planned so I’ll try to keep this simple and short. As you start this phase I want you to remember this:

You are like a rose, a beautiful flower with thorns. But unlike the rose you control your thorns. You can retract them or use them for defence, please never use them maliciously for such acts will haunt you. Those who truly love you will learn to manage your thorns and those who don’t will always rub you wrong. Don’t be afraid to trim some off when the time comes.

Source: http://www.clipartbest.com/
Source: http://iphonewallpaersfree.com/

Life from this point on might seem more frustrating or complex and scary, but like the sunflower I want you to embrace each day with happy attitude ‘cos life is twenty percent what happens to you and eighty percent how you react. Try to start each day on a positive foot. It will be easy to sulk and bark at the world in your dark moments my darling and trust me they will come. But through it all try to stay as calm and elegant as the tulip. Why, you ask? ‘Cos barking at the world only builds up the chaos whilst silence pulls your strength together.

Finally my love, be as unforgettable as a forget-me-not leave a positive mark wherever you go.

I love you so much, mum.

Eyes swimming in tears Emma went in search of her dad, her mind a muddled up maze of questions and emotions. How had mum sent it?

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