Straight arrow.

In response to Authors B mazing finish it challenge #29

The bottle was almost empty. Just another sip. He cleaned his mouth with his sleeve. The house was still dark. He was cold. She would be home soon. And then he would show her. He would teach her a lesson. Nobody was allowed to treat him like this. He would show her! How dare she leave him for that guy! He took another sip. The bottle was empty. Maybe he would use the bottle. She had to suffer. He would take his time. Suddenly a car was pulling up. A smile on his face he pressed his body closer to the wall, hiding in the dark.

“Is there a chance this lonely bemoaned handsome stranger can get a night cap in your luxurious establishment Madame,” Calvin asked in a husky bedroom voice

“Sure you can and if you’re lucky the matron might deliver some extra services,” Ellie replied smiling as she opened the door

Caught up in a hot kiss they failed to register his approach. The scene before him further enraged his already muddled brain, changing tactics he screamed and launched at them. Stumbling on the corner desk “I must make them pay” were his last conscious thoughts.


Where was he? What happened, how did he get here? Why were his hands tied to the bed?

“Detective his awake,” called the nurse.

This was getting worse, first the hospital now a detective.

“How are you feeling Mr. Faulkner?”

“I have been better, can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Don’t you remember anything about last night?”

“Last night?”

“We found you unconscious in your ex-wife’s hallway, you placed a nine-one-one call…”

The memories came crashing back, a feeling of embarrassment engulfed him as he recalled his clumsy attempt at revenge. The detectives words dragged him out of his musings.

“.. We can’t find your wife or her boyfriend and all the evidence points at you ….”

“Hold on, what do you mean you can’t find them? They came home before I passed out,”

“The evidence contradicts your story,”

And so the downward spiral began.


“Letter for you Mike, your ma sure loves you,”

“Thank God someone still does, thanks mate,” Michael replied smiling at the warden

Sitting on his bunk he opened the letter, smiling as he prepared to read the new tale his mum had concocted to entertain him. These were the few high points of his days now,

Dear brother,

You can’t kid a kidder, a straight arrow that tries to bend can only boomerang on its’ self, isn’t that one of your life lessons?

Thanks for making life easy, everyone needs a big brother like you.


Five years of incarceration, five years of self-doubt. When the shock finally wore off only one thought weighed on Michaels mind … “I can’t be convicted twice for the same crime; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice …”

Safe haven.

In response to Authors B Mazing writing challenge #10

He looked in her eyes. He could see the sparkle in them, something that always had fascinated him. She had the most beautiful eyes, eyes that seemed like windows to her soul. No matter what he felt, when he looked in her eyes, he immediately relaxed. She smiled at him and he had to smile as well. What a wonderful person she was. Smart, strong, loving and so so pretty. They hugged and again he felt her love, the warmth. A feeling he got whenever they hugged. It was strange, but she made him feel safe. How could she make him feel safe? He was supposed to make her feel safe.

She knew all his secrets and had never betrayed him. In a world filled with strangers who wanted more from him than he could give, he felt most lucky to have someone who accepted him the way he was. He could rely on her to make him feel better any time, like after a meeting with the boss yesterday. The meeting had gone on for a complete a whole tiring hour. Through the entire time the boss kept asking him questions

“Did he like it here?”

“How did he find his new colleagues?”

“Was he making any new progress?”

The boss was trying so hard to evaluate his adjustment to the new changes, it felt more like torture all he wanted was to return to her. When the meeting ended the boss and other senior colleagues discussed him like he wasn’t there, how rude right?! Some day he would let them know exactly how he felt about their behaviour. Right now he was just happy to return to his safe haven wrapped in a bear hug with teddy, the brown-eyed bear mum had given him when she dropped him off in this dark hole called an asylum.

The journey

In response to Authors B Mazing writing challenge #27.

She looked out the tiny air-plane window, watched how the airport was speeding by and then how the buildings, cars, trees became smaller and smaller. She was holding on to her husbands hand and with the other hand caressing her little boys cheek. She thought this would be easier. She didn’t expect it to hurt and she didn’t expect to tear up. But in a way it was hurting. She knew this would be left behind for good. Her life as she knew it to this day was about to change. A new adventure was waiting for her and her family.

What would their new home be like? Who would their neighbours be? Daniel had shown her pictures from his visit and they seemed lovely, but pictures only show a moment in time; you never know what life would be like till you live within the emotions captured in that shot. She had know this day would come, but reality was proving more difficult to embrace with a smile. No mum down the street to run to when baby Chris kicks up a fuss, no granddad to lovingly con a few pounds from. Oh God what if granddad got ill or worse still died whilst she was away …. Andrea squeezed Daniels hand as the thought brought her to the lowest point of her new reality.

“Honey are you OK?” Daniel asked hugging her closer wishing there was a way he could transfer some of his confidence in the future to her.

Andrea nodded, choosing not to verbalise how she felt as she was sure to end up in a tear storm. She had to be strong for them, it was time to prove that the words “for better or for worse” weren’t mere words but a promise of love for a lifetime. She had been aware of the deal when she said those words.


Hi Mum,

Thanks for calling, it made my day. I can’t really believe Christopher is a year old today.

Time does really fly, I missed having you guys here so much.

On the upside I’m learning to appreciate my family so much more.


Tangled limbs

In response to finish it #23.

She could hear them from far. Him of whom she thought would be her future husband and her. Her best friend. How could she! How could they. Slowly she approached the bedroom door, unsure if she wanted to open it and see what seemed so obvious. If she would walk out now she could pretend. Pretend it was just a dream. Pretend it was just her imagination. Go back to normal. But if she opened this door now and saw what she was expecting to see, there would be no return.

She turned to make a hasty exit.

“It’s better to live with a harsh reality than the ghost of hovering doubts,” came the soft whisper of mamas’ voice.

She pushed the door open prepared to face her worst reality head on; only it wasn’t what she expected. They were two couples rather than one, naked limbs and bodies entwined in a web of ecstasy. They were absolutely oblivious of her presence.

“Gavin what’s happening,” she whispered in a broken voice.web

“What does it look like? Stop being a prude and join the party,” the brunette answered in a voice so much like hers. The brunette turned and a wave of icy fear washed over her, it felt like she was looking into the soul of a twin she didn’t know existed.

“She’s not a prude just caught in the wrong love nest. Anna give me the chance to show you what love is. Get rid of him,” came the response in a voice she instantly recognized as Andrews, the man on whom her twin was sprawled out on.


“Anna wake-up, you’re running late,” Gavin said giving her a nudge.

All through the day the memory of the dream hunted me.

What did it mean? Was Gavin cheating on me with Stacy?

Or was it simply the result of a guilty conscience, did Gavin know I was sleeping with Andrew?