Piercing the darkness

They ran fast as they could, the darkness suffocating every array of hope. Her steps became laboured, Molly’s wriggling wearing tiny on her tiny hip. 

They had only tonight or it was goodnight forever. Slowly her legs bowed to gravity, seeking to calm her baby, she sang her favourite lullaby as she embraced the inevitable.

Cosy, cosy, snug as a bunny

my precious Molly, honey suckle

rest on mummy’s bosom

as the night time worries fade away.

Springing upright, Agnes focused on the bathroom light as it pierced the darkness. 

Molly sighed.

No night time worries here.

Agnes relaxed.

Written for Friday fictioneers a writing challenge hosted by Rochelle. The picture was provided by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge. Thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.

To be free

In response to finish it by author s b mazing.

She was looking around, scanning the surroundings like a hawk. Where did they go? They knew not to just walk off and both of them were old enough to not just leave. She only turned around for a short moment, trying to see if the guy she thought was following them was still there. And now they were gone. The panic started growing.

What if? Oh! God no, please let me find them. Taking a few steps forward she stopped worried that if she left the spot they might return and not find her, she walked back to her previous position scanning the market with each step her heart raced and her eyes tearing up she felt the world spinning around in circles.

Just as she decided to ask for help she spotted something weird at the jewelry stalk a few steps ahead, a floating emerald necklace. Trying not to raise any suspicion she walked briskly to the stall, one eye firmly fixed on the displayed goods, the other on the disappearing jewelry piece.

“Hi there, what a lovely piece this is, how much is?” She asked clasping unto the emerald necklace just before it disappeared underneath the table.

“It’s only forty pounds, it matches your eye color perfectly too” the stall owner replied

“Can you do it for twenty? It’s for my niece, she would be very pleased,” she continued leaning over to touch his arm beseechingly to distract him, allowing the twins time to reappear beside her.

” Oh I couldn’t do that price but …,”

“Never mind then, we’ll come back another day,” she replied clasping one hand on each side firmly making a hasty departure from the stall and a beeline for the exist.”How many times have I told not to use your powers in public, what if someone had noticed you lifting that jewelry?

“We were invisible, how can they notice us if they can’t see us?” Travis replied

She turned to the teenager, her face a view inches from his and in a cold but desperate voice said “Travis, right now we can’t afford to have any attention drawn to us, if we get caught you guys will end up in a cage and tested like lab rats, they will not be gentle with you.And when they are done they will discard of us however they please. Is that what you want?”


“Then please do as I say,” she said heaving a sigh of relief temporarily forgetting about the suspected stalker. Why had she thought the market was a safe route, if anything it had hampered her telepathic powers, preventing her from reading the twins wry thoughts and sensing danger.

This was going to be far easier than he thought. Retaining his present shape as a marble statue Ezra formulated his plan, a plan involving an emerald necklace.