A crisp dance

Salt and vinegar

Cheese and onions,

Crinkled and smooth

Smoked and spicy,

Dipped in sauce

Eaten alone,

Eaten from elegant bone china

Eaten straight  from shinny packs,

On the go

Or on the couch,

Sun up or sun down

25pence or 1pound a pack,

The crunchy sound of teeth mingling with crisp cannot be mistaken.

neither can an unhealthy relationship between the pocket and waistline be missed

when a loyal union is formed between the teeth and crisps.

Written for daily post word prompt – crisp


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A feast

The feast is served,

whom shall I invite, foe or friend?

whom shall I entice, friend or foe?

It matters not.

With baited breath I wait to see

for whom the web shall spring

friend or foe.

It matters not,

Their fate is sealed.

The feast

Faulty options

It was the first time, and it won’t be the last time someone advised a career change.

“Have you tried basketball, modelling, marketing? I honestly can’t see your future as a construction site worker.”

It was the first time, and it won’t be the last time she smiled, happy to follow a path set by her core, and not her shell.

photo by Rosan Harmens – click here for full res version
Copyright Rosan Harmens

Written for Sonya’s TLT (week twenty-two) and the discover weekly challenge.


A script from life.

It can’t be undone,

that which you did.

It can’t be un-said,

that which you said.

It lingers on,

that which stunk.

It looms above,

that which taints.

It cannot judge forever,

that which interfered.

It cannot spell forever,

that which wrote a moment.

It cannot … that which posed a comma.

It cannot … that which interrupted time.

        ….. define my entire day/life.

It can be adapted, it can be colored in.

Thus I will laugh, life must have felt the need to humor me perhaps I needed a reminder that life has it’s own script. 

Daily prompt – embarrassing. 



Holding on

Countless are the ways through which you’ve blessed me.

countless are the ways my worries bid me forget.

Countless are the gifts of your love.

countless are the emissaries of regret bearing Trojan hope.

Countless …..

countless ….

Countless is my faith in the rising of the sun

countless is my faith in the clashing of waves on the shore.

Countless is my faith in your promises.

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



Brick by brick.

Inspired by the daily prompt – brick.

It was a bitter-sweet moment for the three sisters; bitter because grandma was gone, sweet because they had each inherited substantial amounts of money. They would never have suspected their grandma of having such wealth. They had lived a very simple life in a modest cottage at the bottom of Hedgelane in Priory village. Grandma rarely had visitors or friends and she scrutinized theirs within an inch of their lives. She had been forced to live that way to keep them safe, after their parents died in a boating accident. They had gone on holiday with friends, alas said friends returned from the accident but not their parents.

They laid her body to rest in a quiet ceremony surrounded by a few neighbours who came to show respect. And in the lawyer’s office that evening they discovered the reasons behind grandma’s lifestyle. It made Agnes slightly sad as she wondered how happy grandma might have been if things had been different, but that was the past now and as grandma would say no point wondering If.

It had been a week since the funeral, time for them to head back to their different lives.

“Any ideas on what you’re going to spend your share on?”

Chuckling “Any ideas? Mine’s already spent. I’m going to buy a flat in London, Stockwell to be precise. Philip says it’s a new area and ideal for families.”

Ohhh, that’s a good one.” said Madison.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit expensive, you’ll probably still need to take out a mortgage.”

“So? People take out mortgages constantly. Philip and I have good credit ratings and the inheritance will cover a huge amount of the asking price.”

“I won’t say huge, more like one-third of it depending on the asking price.”

Rolling her eyes and rubbing her hands across her beautiful bump”I really don’t care, Philip says it’s fine, he’ll sort everything out in time for our little princess to be born in her castle.”

“You already told him about the money, I thought you guys were having …”

“Honestly, Agnes I can’t stand all this probing and seriousness, now what are you going to do with yours Maddy?”

“Well I did think of buying a house, but it did just remind me of how lonely I am now.” Pulling a puppy face she continued, “so I think I’ll keep renting personally, but I am going to quit my job and start my own business.”

They high-fived each other, while Agnes looked on “I think that’s brilliant, you finally get to tell Eddy the sleazy to stick his job down the drain.”

“Yes! No one is going to be the boss of me any more. Welcome to Fancy paws and coats, the grooming salon for pets with style.”

Oooooh, I love that name, sounds very …”

Laughing hysterically Agnes couldn’t help but marvel at her sister naivety.

“Madison that’s a terrible idea, running a business is very demanding and capital intense. Plus you’ve never groomed your own dog properly for a day, how would you know to groom other people’s pets.”

“Grooming prices are crazy expensive, there’s a lot of money to be made from it and I can employ people to do the grooming, can’t I?”

“OK Mrs smarty knickers what are you going to do with yours?” Alana asked slightly miffed by Agnes attitude.

“To be honest, I haven’t got  a clue yet.”

“And you’ve spent all your time grilling us, when you don’t even have an idea.” cried Madison.

Alana sniffed, as her eyes watered “You’re just rude and stuffed up. You always think your smarter, just because you finished …”

“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you, I was only pointing out …”

“Pointing out what?”

“It’s OK Alana, I’ll make us some tea.”

Agnes felt terrible she hadn’t meant to upset her elder sisters, she just never seemed to get their fizzy personalities.

                                                      To be concluded tomorrow.

I changed them

Happy new month people!


The night does not control  the sky, the sky controls the night.

My scars do not own me, I own my scars.

Some fade away, some do not

Like the night clouds they mean you no harm, but are

a fright to behold, an aroma to avoid. Like mercaptan full glands 

they come to my defense, resisting the intolerant, defeating the fainthearted

testing your fortitude.

The night does not control the sky, it gives expression to the musing sky

My scars do not own  me, they express lessons of blissful ignorance.

They should have changed me, but I yield them in my favor.

Daily prompt scars.


Assumptions promote fakeness

Assumptions are a part of everyday living, which unconsciously fosters on us and those we interact with a fake personality or lifestyle crafted in the mind and unfit for daily happy living.

First assumption, those who receive state benefit are lazy, greed, dishonest, uneducated, simply the worst cheats on mother natures earth.


Effect: people receive benefits, but try to live a life that refutes that assistance. People become defensive at the mere mention of the word benefit. People get stuck playing the role society has labelled them as and stop trying to achieve anything.

Reality: receiving some sort of benefit is noting to be ashamed of or ridiculed about, this is similar to drowning and fighting the life guard because you want to show off your swimming skills. And ridiculing people on benefits, is similar to watching someone drown and rolling your eyes at them rather than helping them. True they’re cheats and lazy people out them, but it’s not enough to judge everyone by the same measure.

Second assumption, all foreigners came here for the benefits and even if they didn’t when they got here they jumped on it straightaway.

Effect: foreigners are viewed as worthless scroungers, unimaginative and unproductive. Foreigners become defensive at the mention or suggestion of benefits by a non-foreigner. 

Source: insureblog.blogspot.com

Reality: legal migrants have a lot of restrictions and limitations on their passports for years, set-up by the same politicians who mouth them off as the bane of modern Great Britain. A lot of benefits, training, apprenticeship, jobs, and the likes are off limit to foreigners except those who can afford to pay for them, trust me they are not cheap. Most foreigners have learnt to work for every penny as a lifestyle, but there will still be cheats and dubious people among the foreigners and non-foreigners.

Third assumption, all breastfeeding moms are aggressive braggarts, all formula feeding moms are defensive breastfeeding drawbacks.

Effect: a needless war exists, one side charges with arms saddled with bottles, a sterilizer and hot water, the other brandishes the engorged breast and a free hand. Each forgets the nursing baby at their bosom.animated-baby-image-0026

Reality: Unpleasant people will always finding something to have a cat-fight over, thus the fact that you both breastfeed or formula  feed doesn’t necessary mean you won’t find lines to differ on in the future. We all brag about stuff or give up on stuff: an unpleasant personality will shine through either side. Not every breast-feeder is rude, stuffed up or out to  annoy you and not every formula feeder is ignorant or insecure or rude.

Fourth assumption: the price tag, and brand makes it unique, elegant, worth it etc We can’t find it elsewhere.

I’ll let you fill the space on this one.



Inferiority/superiority is the foundation for a fake life,

assumptions are the walls which hold it up,

and emotional/physical and mental deficit the roof that shelters it.

A house hunting itself.animated-house-image-0181

Accept when your assumptions have been wrong, don’t brazenly stick to them enabling someone else’s mistakes in the future.

Daily prompt fake.

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Steps back and forth

On the 27th of March 2015

You made a conscious decision to let into your life.

There was a sales at the shops that day and fate brought us together.

Not very romantic many would say,

it’s not all about how or where you met each other, it’s why, where and how you choose to go from there that defines true romance, at least that’s what I thought back then.

We had some great fun together didn’t we.

Spending  hours together,

protecting each other. I was always concerned about your health and safety

You worried more for my appearance, vain much? I think so.

But I didn’t care because it came from a place of love.

And even now as I lie here heartbroken, worn and haggard

I still carry you in my chest, I know you didn’t mean to hurt me

carelessness has always being your greatest flaw.

Careless words, careless temper,

careless assumptions of your own self importance.

Careless …

Footsteps brought us together,

Footsteps have taken you away from me.

I lie by the roadside,

hoping a good Samaritan will choose to help me heal my bruised soul.

Daily prompt footsteps.



I am not fearless, but I am also not fearful.

Either extremes can have dire or triumphant outcomes

depending on what tune the piper plays.

For me it’s a case of half-full, half-empty.

I try not to let either scenario blind me,

or overshadow my judgement.

Well that’s what I try to do most times.

Which is why I haven’t authoritatively said be fearless or fearful

‘Cos tomorrow might present a crippling nightmare 

which might make me shrivel in fear, turning these words against me.

But courage makes me stand up and write them anyways perhaps they might

rouse me from the crippling grips of unknown nightmares hanging in the wings.

Daily post – fearless.