Lost breath

“Oh wow, what a spectacular view.”
“Hmm ..”
“Don’t you think so? Not waiting for a response, he carried on enthusiastically “I can envision our guests taking in the view.”
“Honey, I think we should calm it down a little.”
Sensing her hesitation, he turned “What is the problem?”
Inclining her head to subtly indicate the venue manager, at the far corner “I just think we shouldn’t let her know how much we like it especially as we haven’t done any negotiations”.
“You have hounded me for weeks to show some interest in this wedding planning process and the one time I feel a spark, I’m not allowed to show it.” Feeling slightly deflated, he shook his head.
“You know what I mean, sorry to rain on your parade. Come on let’s go talk shop.”
“Aarrgh! You just like bossing me around don’t you?”
She laughed, he smiled.
“I hope you like what you’ve seen? The venue has more grandeur under the night sky; it is truly a romantic site.”
Squeezing his hands lightly Indigo cautioned Romeo, a hasty or overexcited response wouldn’t work in their favour “It is truly remarkable, but essentially everything comes back to how much it going to cost us.”
“Why is it that everyone wants to talk about that first?” She laughed “Did I mention that we offer a free lovely modern room for your guests to have an early meal, it also serves as a safeguard against bad weather.”
“Well yes you did say that and to be fair it is more than we imagined which is why we would really like to know how much it all cost.”
Chuckling at her failed attempts to side-track her client “You are a much-focused customer aren’t you. Well, for daytime use it would cost you seven thousand dollars and for night time events it goes for nine thousand dollars.”
“And these fees account for ..?
“It covers the use of the venue, the spare room and little snacks for your guests. However, it does not include catering, drinks or any form of decorative work; which in my opinion isn’t needed as the venue has been tastefully designed to create an atmosphere.”
While trying to pay attention to the manager and also do a comparative study of all venues they had seen Indigo failed to notice Romeo’s growing impatience until he spoke.
“We’ll like to book the venue for the 26th of June.”
“What? Hold on …” High pitched fright ringing through her words.
“I’ll give you two sometime.” slowly retreating from the suddenly tense atmosphere.
“Thank you. Romeo why would you do that? I thought we agreed to try underselling our desire for the venue? What was that all about?”
“Indi we’ve dragged our butts through so many venues, I’m getting tired of it. I suggested the back garden, you said too simple.”
“I know that, but …”
“I suggested the church hall; you said too common. Now we find somewhere we both like and you start dragging out the issue especially when the price is a thousand dollars below our set budget.”
“The fact it’s below budget doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to get more off the price if we can.”
“Since when did you become obsessed with pricing? You spent ten thousand dollars on a gown you’ll have on for just a few hours …”
“Is that what this is about? Some sick way for you to splash out on something you like? How can you be so petty.”
A look of pain crossed his face, taking a deep breath “You know what Indi, do whatever you like I’ll see you later. I need to get back to work.” He turned to leave.
“Romeo I’m sorry, please don’t go.” Disappointed and apologetic emotions warring through her mind Indigo wanted to take the words back, but couldn’t help feeling he was overreacting.
“It’s ok, really it is. Besides my lunch break is almost over and I have to get back.”
He left, she stood, how did something so beautiful become so …. Off-putting.
If only she had stopped to take a deep breath.

The Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay with the Marina Bay Sands in the background, Singapore. Image shot 11/2012. Exact date unknown.
Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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