Shades of love.

His crying woke me, this was the third time tonight. They said it would get easier, six months gone and it hadn’t happened. Oh the joys of motherhood!

“Hi Edward, where’s your kite?”

“Here it is. Mum can we go now?”

“Sure but stay where I can see you.” Giovanni had found a kindred spirit for a friend.

“I really like her, she’s amazing.”

“Amazing? I thought it was cute before? Watching Giovanni get all flustered and giggly as he talked about his first crush was heart-warming. Never thought he would find a bestfriend and a girlfiend at his new school.

It felt like a log of wood – my heart, heavy and unmoving. I wish I could turn back time, I wish I had never met her.  There was no way I would put myself through that again.

Again love knocked, thankfully he answered. They went everywhere together like twins co-joined at the hip. Sweet, but still irritating to watch, at least he was happy, reaching out to love.

“Isn’t Joanna coming?”

“Na, she’s in a meeting.”

“Am sorry honey.”

“Don’t be mum, she’s taking me somewhere special for a private celebration.”

“Ohhh!” mom replied with a wink.

She moved to New York. I wanted so desperately to stop her, but I couldn’t stand in the way of her success .I missed her, I missed us. I not sure she will ever return.

It wasn’t meant to work. The distance should have wrecked havoc on their budding relationship, somehow they made it work despite a rocky start. I prayed for them constantly, hoping for a happily ever after.

“I will always love you Giovanni, neither time nor distance will ever change that.”

“Today marks the beginning of my life, I love you Joanna. For better or worse. For richer or poorer, till death do us part.”

“Honey where are my brown socks?”

“In the top drawer.”

“It’s not there.”

Handing them to him “how come you never seem to find them?”

“Cos you’re the better half.”

“Yeah right.”

“Oh my God, I can’t do this anymore! Somebody please make the pain stop.”

“Honey, you are doing great. Just hang in there, one more push and baby will be here.”

Cute as a button, that was our daughter Esmé Tiffany. The delight of her grandmother; a gift we all loved, a new generation to tender. This was our box of love flavoured differently by each passing season.


Hi everyone the above is a collection of twelve seperate short stories written as one, much like the chocolate box above each story paints a different aspect of love. Do you think it worked? Written In response to the writing challenge a box of chocolate. 12 short separate stories.

A female horseman

Devilish little thing, isn't she?  (Photo credit: ktryon)
Photo credit: ktryon

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Have you ever imagined any of them being a woman? Well if they were allowed to choose and one could be female, I know which one it would be.

It won’t be Famine: Because women love food. Growing the raw material for it, creating it, savouring it and finding comfort in it. Imagine a world devoid of ice-cream, cakes, chocolate, warm bowl of soup after a huge fight/break up with your significant other. No food also means no lovely date nights, romantic gestures such as home cooked meal served by your dashing date. You get the gist, women won’t be ending the world via food crisis any time soon.

So how about pestilence:  What? pesti..who?  By its very definition pestilence won’t work for a woman. Pestilence: a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating (merriam-webster). She might wish it on her rivals, business rivals, beauty rivals, school rivals, e.t.c. But on all humanity, NO. She needs someone to talk to, play with, learn from, gossip with, someone to thump her nose up at, someone to fight with and someone to fight over. So NO pestilence is not her style

Now death is rather gruesome and last I checked women prefer to birth things not end them. Birth of a baby, a relationship, a career e.t.c. By nature’s design we love to nurture things, we have the staying power to imagine and hope things will get better, hence we often find ourselves in situations that should have ended before they even started. And as stated in the above paragraph we won’t kill everyone ‘cos that just leaves us in a boring lonely vacuum.

But now WAR! that sounds more like us. Its not that we want blood shed or heedless death but the thing is we are crafty at creating webs that can start a fight and we don’t handle insubordination very well either. Thus, if we say go left. YOU GO LEFT. IF WE SAY WE ARE RIGHT AUTOMATICALLY YOU ARE WRONG. If you don’t know the right answer to the question don’t speak, if you must speak then,say only positive things. Do ensure that you don’t say, think, or do anything wrong when we are hormonal or else THERE WILL BE  BLOOD AND IT WON’T BE OURS. So you see its quite simple really the horseman representing war should be female for by her very nature she is feisty and can create a tangled web just as Eve did in the garden.

In response to the writing challenge hosted by bumblepuppies, the instruction was to write a post on which of the four horsemen of the apocalypse  would be best represented as a woman?

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.  Needless to say, these horsemen are all men.  Since women are also quite capable of destruction, there ought to be at least one among the apocalyptic ranks.

Beep…..Boop…WordPress at work.

Source: .keep calm studio. Creator: Karen
Source: Gear technology website

Beep..beep..boop, keep calm word-press is at work trying to sort out your request. I think the idea was to replace the regular rotating cursor/circle that comes on the screen whenever a process is delayed. They probably thought it would be better if people had something visual to associate with the waiting process. (Cheeky smile…well you tell me if it helps)

Another part of me thinks it has to do with the robots seen in early movies e.g. the first episodes of star wars or star trek. I think most of them had to beep several times before executing a task or providing feedback to a request/question. Thus, the word-press staff thought it would be awesome to unite the beep..boop waiting process with a modern day semi-robot (I decided computers are semi robots).

In response to the writing challenge hosted by bumblepuppies, the instruction was to go to and do a search for “Beep Beep Boop.”  Then, go to “search tools” and make sure the usage rights for the image are appropriate for your blog.  You’re going to need to include the picture in your post.

What you’ll find on the search page is a wide array of photos.  Choose one that might illustrate where “Beep Beep Boop” came from and write a post about how it might have inspired the WordPress staff.

To the tax collector death is an enemy, to the tax payer death is an escape route.

This post is in response to the Bumblepuppies writing challenge and the instructions are thus:

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, or so the old saying goes.  Another popular quote: “Always look on the bright side of life.”  Perhaps someone might also say, “Always look on the bright side of death and taxes.”

This week, you will not be writing an ode to how much you adore death or taxes, or even on how death and taxes might serve a useful purpose.  Those topics are already overdone.  Instead, pick another famous quotation and transform it into a line about death, taxes, or death and taxes.

Please find my response below ( I used two quotes,loved both equally). The topic of the write up is however off the top of my head and would love to hear your interpretation of it. To the tax collector death is an enemy, to the tax payer death is an escape route.

“Education costs money.  But then so does ignorance”. –Sir Claus Moser

My version in response to the challenge is:

“Education costs taxes. But then so does ignorance”.

Good education comes at a price,one that the average individual would not easily afford if they had to pay for everything up-till college/higher education level. The support of the government is invaluable and it can only be sustained when we all make our contribution into the system via our taxes. We pay for peoples ignorance when they overindulge and get themselves into situations that require public agencies to when ideally a little self control and management should have put things in check.

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.” Sholom Aleichem

My version in response to the challenge is:

“Death is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.” 

A dream for the wise, cos’ they have supposedly lived each day to the fullest

hence they embrace death.

A game for the fool, cos’ they see no value to living a balanced life

thus they constantly dare death

A comedy for the rich, cos’they supposedly control everything

hence death is subject to their will.

A tragedy for the poor, cos’ they constantly hope for change

which death robs them of.

To the tax collector death is an enemy,

to the tax payer death is an escape route.

UKIP sponsors visa application for a 1,000 immigrants.

Obtained from wikipedia
                             Obtained from wikipedia

A major part of UKIPs (UK independent party) campaign centres around the issue of immigration, understandably immigration is an issue of great importance for most UK residents but surely building a more robust economy should be paramount as studies have shown that the impact of immigration is felt most by the country when the economy is on a downward spiral. It is also worth mentioning that other than immigration and recruitment of other parties members I have no clue what else the party has to offer the UK and the harp about immigration is beginning to sound more like a scare tactics to me.

Other issues worth tackling in addition to the economy would include:

1. Implementing a better tracking system to monitor IS recruitment of young people.

2. Improving the health service system.

3. Improving the social service system especially areas that deal with child welfare and the elderly.

4.  Tackling public health issues.

Am not a politician and certainly not a UK expert so forgive me if I have spoken out of turn but this is just my opinion.

Having said all that wouldn’t it be hilarious to read the above title as a true headline post 2015 election.

In response to the writing challenge by black light candelabra  and this was the rule; For this week’s challenge, your title should create humor by bringing together two things that one does not normally see together.  The two things might both appear in your title or you might create a clash between your title and the picture everyone will see immediately.  Alternately, you could choose a title that will grab your regular readers’ attention for being far outside the scope of your normal tone and focus.  Whatever you choose, make sure that your post is serious yet still relevant to the title you used for your starting point.

Life in a picture


My life seems like a whirling vortex,

Seasons change so fast,

Before one ends another begins,

Some days are a party, some other days a chore,

But through it all I try to stay sunny side up,

Only thing is it leaves me feeling a bit discombobulated a times.

I find my balance when I remember that each change will surely change again.

Hence I hold unto my peace steadfastly.

In response to the blacklight candelabra writing challenge.

Lesson learnt the third time around.

King Nebuchadnezzar was a prominent Egyptian king in the 17th century, known for his prowess on the battle field and wisdom in managing his kingdom in the face of severe famine. Many believed that he was blessed by the gods with divine powers, and this accounted for his unparalleled success. It wasn’t long before power absolutely corrupted him, he no longer prayed at the temples neither did he take time to listen to his royal subjects.

On a Friday afternoon dressed in the priests’ apparel the king came to the temple for worship, he rose and declared the beginning of the sacrifice a duty reserved for the priests alone. Nobody said a word, great fear ceased the people, and the kings’ actions were punishable by death, no one had ever declared the sacrifice except the priests. The king could demand for one but he never initiated the process. Some thought he might survive, they believed him to be blessed with divinity. But the priests knew different, yes he left the temple alive and healthy the gods never forgave such a sacred defiance.

The mighty king was dead he never woke up the next day, the gods had spared him a painful death only because he had served them well but alas Nebuchadnezzar’s pride had become his down fall.

Caesar roamed the alleys in search of something to eat, they said cats had nine lives he was definitely living on his last one. A scrawny cat nobody wanted to house, he survived on whatever the fish mongers disposed of but even that could be difficult to get some times. He tried getting there early but often times the bigger cats got it just seconds ahead of him. Searching people’s waste heap could only be done at night time when people weren’t trying to kill him as they believed homeless ugly cats were a castoff from an evil witch’s coven. Life as a cat in the 18th century was tough.

He had lived a rich life before, now he had to survive purely on luck and sheer survival tactics. Funny how it was in his old age that he found someone who fed him at least once a day and took time to talk to him. He died on a warm summer day lying outside the door of his benefactor. One could say Caesar died a humble cat who made each day worthwhile with the help of the gods. Rome might never know he lived but his alley buddies will always remember him, the friendly soul of humility.

The 20th century was the era for social change, human rights and gender equality movements were growing rapidly. Many claimed she was a gentle soul, the picture of an intelligent and demure woman. However for those who worked with her, she was an enigma a woman with a steel backbone driving their cause to liberate as many women as possible. Emily Crawford was a fighter; today’s press conference was a testament to that fact they had all come to celebrate her release from 10years incarceration.

“Miss Emily what would you like to say to the governor?” asked the reporter.

“The governor has demonstrated a trait rarely seen in politicians, the ability to rise above political propaganda and take a stand for the right principles. He has shown his support for women across the world and for this he has my deepest gratitude.”

“You are regarded by many to as a modern day amazon heroine is that correct?” asked another reporter.

“I am by no means a heroine and my lack of height definitely rules out the possibility of an amazon heritage.” Everyone laughed. In all honestly I am simply a young woman fighting to be heard and recognized by my community and I am elated that as a nation we have come to recognize that the voice of a woman has the same place in society as a man. No one should be silenced because of their gender, something over which they had no choice.”

What are you plans for the future?  Asked the reporter

“Well other than having launch with my family I haven’t thought about it yet.


In response to black light candelabra 2015/03/30 with the topic reincarnation. Sorry its a little late.

Was your date up to spec?

Was your date up to spec?

Yes he was.

Wasn’t John supposed to return from Chicago?

Chicago, I thought he was in Mexico.

How was his flight from Chicago?

It was relatively smooth.

What kind of paste did you make smooth or slightly coarse?

It was slightly coarse.

Did the potter use coarse or fine textured soil?

Sorry I didn’t observe that step.

Why didn’t you report the preparatory process?

I did but only for the first experiment.

Did you take the measurement of each required material?

All except the last item on the list.

Did the store have everything on the list?

No they didn’t.

Did the company staff assist you?

No, they were rather rude.

Were your new students pleasant?

They were an absolute dream.

“How was his flight from Chicago?”asked Cassandra

Sorry whose flight are you inquiring about? I replied barely able to keep a check on my anger. It was bad enough he cheated on his wife but he was being absolutely brazen about it by letting his many conquests show up at the office.I didn’t like being caught in the middle if his wife found out I was under no illusion as to how she would react to the fact that I knew about it the entire time.

“You know very well who I was referring to, Henry your boss?” replied Cassandra

“I presume it was fine as his presently in his office that would be the only possible answer. Should I let him know you are here? I asked

“Don’t bother I’ll see myself in.” Cassandra replied sarcastically already half way to the door. Her mini skirt riding up higher with each step.

“Cassy baby how are you? “Asked Henry as she walked towards him.

“Henry how could you treat me so poorly? you cheated on me Henry going to that silly party with someone else. You ignored me all through” screeched Cassie

“Hey take it easy pussy cat sheath your claws. I went alone it was just business ” replied Henry.

“You don’t honestly expect me to believe that, I know when am about to be replaced. So be honest when you answer this Henry, was your date up to spec?”

“You know I don’t kiss and tell Cassy it’s the rule of the game. I bought you a gift do you want to see it?”

“You know I do” replied Cassy knowing in a heart it was a farewell gift. When he placed the open box on her palm she gasped they emerald earrings were breath taking. They were an absolute dream.


In response to the writing challenge hosted by bumble puppies. We were asked to create a chain, The chain will consist of ten questions and ten answers. Start the chain with a question of your choice and the second link will answer it. (Tip: complete sentences will be easier to handle.) The third link will be a new question that would generate the answer that appeared above it and the fourth link will be a new answer for the question immediately above it. Keep going until you have ten questions and ten answers.

Once you’ve finished that, you’ll write the main portion of your post. The first question in your chain will be the post title. The fifth answer will be the first sentence you write. The tenth answer will be the last sentence in your post. You may write as much or as little as you like but the post must be coherent.

False intentions.

9.00am Monday morning, 7th of March 2005.

He stood looking out the window, it was a beautiful day for an award presentation. But he wasn’t interested in either, the day nor the award. Why did people constantly seek out a messiah? Someone to uphold as a symbol of everything good and just. Would they still see him that way, when they discovered the truth? Not that he minded what people thought, it just rubbed him the wrong way to be viewed in such a light. There was nothing he detested more than sanctimonious people who stood up for what was right even at the cost of losing money or fame. You only lived once and you make your own fate whatever it takes.

15  years earlier.

                Two faced intentions. Source:

The neighbourhood was known for violence, drugs, teen pregnancy, rape and gang fights. It could be said to be the police and ambulance service headquarters, a day never went by without multiple visits by both agencies. Some proved timely others were didn’t sometimes just a few seconds late. Everyone dreaded being called out there. Not only were you under physical threats, emotionally each experience left you drained as there never was a perfect resolution of each case.

Ethan wasn’t surprised when his decision to open a clinic in said neighbourhood was met by hostility from his family. As a Donovan he could get a job in any hospital he wanted in Detroit, why he would choose to start his own clinic in such a deprived and dangerous environment was beyond his families comprehension. It wasn’t his initial plan but when Max had told him about his plans, he found it hard to pass up the offer. His name would be written on the sands of time hopefully his father won’t have anything to do with it. And it won’t be for  putting people  ahead of his needs but for supporting medical experiments frowned upon by the present generation.

1200 noon, Monday 7th of March 2005.

He had become the man he wanted to be, all by his own effort. The hospital had become a landmark, a structure of hope. The last fifteen years had proved tough but it had paid off. Fifteen years of treating the people of Detroit. The abortion rates and patients coming through A & E had been high, It still was today when compared with other neighbourhoods. His hospital had worked to decrease the number of people who died from botched abortions and quack practitioners mending victims of violent crimes in the back quarters of their home. Hence the award presentation today by the mayor extolling him as the ideal citizen and hero of the neighbourhood.

If only they knew the hospital was a smokescreen. It was a green house for harvesting unborn foetuses and  organs from dying patients for black market sales. It was easy to get away with it, most of his patients had no one to hold him accountable if things didn’t add up. They had been one or two cases were his staff had tried to question him, unfortunately they ended up next to the patient in the morgue. He wasn’t heartless, just a doctor with a ruthless bedside manner. If people were careless enough to play with their lives, he was wise and opportune to rip a dividend from their pain.

He mentally spat on the award, it was a charade he cared nothing for. The only reason he hadn’t funded the drug ring was his deep attachment to the title of a doctor and the family tradition.  He had only  wanted to enrich himself (to be honest  it had exceeded his expectations) not save people.

The eternal spirit of negation.  (The image, drawn by Julius Nisle, is in the public domain.)

In response to the blacklight candelabra writing challenge titled “Mephistopheles and the Road to Heaven”. I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.” —Mephistopheles (In Faust I by Joann Wolfgang von Goethe)


My life: My Fate.

Malcolm stood looking at it, as he had done every morning. It was the same as it had been the day before and that before it. He wasn’t hoping for a sudden change, he was fascinated by its colour, scent and mythical belief associated with it. Choosing to grow the anise plant for his biology project was no accident. Anise was associated with his star sign Gemini and was considered a masculine plant. A befitting plant for his young and masculine growing status. Adding to the allure was its white feathery flower , he felt it depicted his status as a proper knight in shinning armour.

Anise plant

“Malcolm the school bus will be here soon” yelled his mom

“Be right there mom” replied Malcolm

 She was happy he was finally on the mend, the last incident had been a little too much for the family to handle. Mr Spencer’s intervention had been a much needed rainbow at the end of a dark tunnel. Discovering Malcolm’s interest in astronomy and finding a way to relate it to daily life had taken him away from the disruptive bunch he had gotten mixed up with lately. As she kissed Malcolm good bye, her mind reflected on the three major tasks marked out for today. First there was the order she had to pick up from the post office: the ephemerides for Malcolm and then she would head to the store to sort out the miscellany of antique books delivered the day before. Business was picking up, she couldn’t be more grateful.

“Morning Ollie”

“Morning Casey”

“I’m here to pick up my parcel.” Said Casey Malcolm’s mum.

“Not a problem, just give me a minute. I assume you’re still going forward with your plans.” Asked Ollie from behind the counter

“Yes I am” “Malcolm isn’t going to like it especially if he doesn’t win the match on Saturday”.

“Well I have no doubt his going to play his best game yet, so hopefully he won’t be that upset”.

It wasn’t as if she had changed his genetics or discouraged him in any way. All she had done was exchange his ordered ephemeris for a previous year’s edition.  It was all for a good course, helping Malcolm understand that we all created our own fate. Granted there will always be things out of our control but a lot more still depended on us. Besides she had spoken to his coach Mr Spencer and he had assured her that Malcolm was well prepared for the match. She left the post office with the ephemeris in toll. On getting to the store, Casey was met by three customers waiting to be served. It was going to be a hectic day. She virtually spent most of the day sorting the antique books, taking stock and displaying the books on the shelf


His last swing of the bat seemed effortless; no one expected it to be a home run. It was all they needed in the last 60 seconds to win the game. The team was over the moon, they had finally won the game for the first time in years. This was proving that his ephemeris and anise plant had brought him good luck. Malcolm was having the best time of his life.

Now it was up to Casey to let him in on her little trick. As much as she knew it was for his own good, she wasn’t  looking forward to it. But she had to let him know that his success was simply the result of hard work and confidence in his abilities not some mystical luck.

 In response to the blacklightcandelabra  writing challenge the Dewey decimal system. numbers picked 0258. the three numbers created are 502, 528, 580.

Anise plant picture from