Twice as much.

Dear baby L,

you turned two this month; two for the number of lovely arms that hug me goodnight, two for the number of little legs playing round the house.

Two for the lovely pair of eyes that smile at me, two for a set of listening ears catching every phrase and sound.

Two a number I hope let’s you know that I’ll always be there for you,


a learning mum.

three line tales week 16 – letterbox
Copyright Kirsty TG

Written for Sonya’s TLT – WEEK SIXTEEN.

I tried to use the comma’s to make it into long sentences while sticking to the three lines rule.

Let me know if it worked.

My first diet

Mum presented me to the doctors today without seeking my permission, according to her it was high time I got my first personal medical evaluation.

Thankfully the doctors said I was healthy, but kept emphasizing I maintain a healthy diet if I wanted to stay that way. What did he mean by a healthy diet, was it the same as mum’s own? Would I also have to exercise like mum? This was not fair, I’m too young to get into all that. Mum looked even more horrified than I, sensing the looming fear the doctor rushed on to ease our worries.

“There’s no cause for alarm, this is a healthy diet plan better than any other.It’s quite simple to follow and relatively a lot cheaper than other alternatives.”

Phew, Mum relaxed at least her wardrobe allowance wasn’t going to get short changed.

I heard the words ‘simple and better’ and relaxed.

“However, I must warn that like all diets the body will take awhile to adapt and it will fluctuate with each growing phase. But as with any diet, the impact will be more rewarding in the long run if done consistently.”

“Just one question doc, I have seen children who haven’t been on this diet flourish, are you sure this is absolutely necessary.”

“That is true, however, individuals differ in their reactions to everything, one thing that stands true for this diet is the lack of side effects and an abundance of both health and economic benefits.”

“I hope people don’t hassle us, I mean it’s not like she’s overweight.” mom said

The doctor smiled “She’s definitely not overweight, the diet will also reduce her chances of being overweight in the future. And if people laugh at you, shrug it off, remember it’s never too early to start eating healthy.”

first diet

The diary of a breastfed baby and mom.

This post was not written to shame or castigate anyone, it’s aim to encourage and advocate for more women to breastfeed. 


three line tales week four, photo writing prompt

You said rainbows were a sign of departed loved ones smiling down at us.

Today the brightest rainbow ever graced my horizon literally and figuratively.

I hold her in my arms a rainbow come to stay and beyond the window the colours bestow your smile, your granddaughter would have loved you.

Written in response to Sonya’s three line tales.

Dedicated to my daughter you’re indeed my rainbow and to my dad. My dad never said  anything about rainbows, but I like to think of him this way.PhotoFunia-1456473786


Seven times the seed has been sown. Seven times they failed to soar.

They say the soil is arid: scorched beyond its crust it chars every seed.

Rain drops cease to pour, the heavens are vexed. The sun blazes down on us like the inferno of hell attempting to rid us of life.

Some say its natures curse, others say it’s the price for our sins.

Salvaging my hope and yearning spirit, I escape.

Today in my arms lie a fresh plant though not of my soil, it will be nourished by an overflowing heart.

PHOTO PROMPT - © Connie Gayer (Mrs. Russell)
PHOTO PROMPT – © Connie Gayer (Mrs. Russell)

Sorry people if the story and picture don’t add up. I thought the picture below was the prompt and only realized my mistake when it was time to credit the photo.Dust Bowl

In response to Friday fictioneers writing challenge hosted by Rochelle.  The picture was provided by Connie Gayer (Mrs. Russell) and the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting it, thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.

Also written for NaBloPoMo day four.

Dodgy precedents.

When I first read this article on Marissa Mayer (click on the link to read the article) my first thoughts were her life her choice, but then I read the quotes below and had a rethink.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” Robert Kennedy

It is indeed her life, but in the bigger scheme of things it can be so much more. She had the opportunity to make a difference, to challenge existing precedents to create a better future if she wanted to. Her decision to take only fourteen days off work post-delivery is her personal choice rightfully and people might argue it has no effect on anything but we forget that when precedents concerning work and family balance for women are made such actions have a way of coming to mind.

Let’s not forget the present fashion craze that exists in our world today, with almost every woman (including a naturally voluptuous woman) living in the hope of being a skinny model rather than a healthy woman. Bet the women in the past never thought looking skinny would become the fad or that anorexia, bulimia and the likes would become health challenges in today’s society. If care isn’t taken we will have women drafting business letters whilst in labour and scheduling appointments on the phone whilst undergoing a C -section. We must set precedents that every mother with or without external support can subscribe to with feeling like her life and family are hanging by a thread.


Dear Lucy,

It’s been a long while since I last saw you, we used to be such good friends but I guess the times have changed. We had some great moments didn’t we? I remember helping you walk in the early days when your feet weren’t so steady yet. Do you remember the day we raided mum’s kitchen cupboard, we made a right old mess didn’t we and had fun doing it too. Mum wasn’t so happy but I  was proud of you, you had mastered the secret of moving in and out of tight corners.

But my best days were the early days, you spent almost every second gnawing on the toys on my dashboard. It felt good knowing I was soothing your itching gums, I was useful. Lucy its fine you don’t need me any more, its a sign you have grown but leaving me out in the cold breaks my heart. I am exposed to natures mood swings and ill-treatment by unpleasant passers-by; some spit on me whilst others pass horrific smelling fluids on me.

I had always thought that when  the time comes for you to move on you pass me to someone else. I won’t have minded if you took me to a charity organization or sold me off for a pound. All I want is another child for me to help and nurture.

Lucy I still love you and hope you rescue me soon please. Winter is almost here and I don’t know how long before I undergo irreparable tear and wear.

Love the abandoned walker.

copuright creatingahomeng/livehomeandaway

Teach a child gratitude never discard useful things carelessly.

Breastfeeding awareness week …. Day 5


Breast and baby; nature united,

They know not prejudice, pride or racism,

A loving bond daily forged .


Breast and baby; nature united,

Health insured, Hunger satisfied, Harmony guaranteed daily,

Mama loving, Baby friendly treasure.

Written by Chioma I. N

Breast milk all the way.

Take pride in breastfeeding its the one thing certified around the world and through history to give your baby the best start; the one choice in life your child definitely won’t argue over with you, to be honest they make you go on even when you want to quit. Chioma I.N

Daughters benefit most from having a working mother.

“Negative perceptions around women who combine paid work with parenthood have been comprehensively demolished in a major study by Harvard University, which shows the daughters of working mothers enjoy better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those raised by stay-at-home mothers.” Please click on the link to read the entire article.

First I must say that the article is very well written and has a few points in its favour. However, I become weary when articles are filled with generic statements such as the above; statements that serve no purpose other than to increase the social divide promoting a particular sect above the other. We are better off promoting principles that cut across all lifestyles, social class, community or personality. I would rather teach my daughter the following principles:

1. If you want something work hard to get it : this is important whether she works from home, at an office or is a stay-at-home mum.

Director/Manager Brushstrokes Nigeria. A wonderful mother and career woman.

2. Decide what success means to you and make it work: if it means having a career, or being a stay-at-home mum, or both, pursue it by yourself. Don’t impose whatever choice you make on your own child.

3. Always strive to attain balance: don’t become so career driven to the point where other aspects of your life suffer or your personality changes to one you detest in the future. On the other hand, don’t become a laid back stay at home mum with no dreams or ambition. Get involved in activities that allow you spend time with your kids as much as you wanted.

4. Whatever you get involved in do it excellently: this is a principle my husband has helped me apply even to house-chores. Whether it’s cleaning a cup or spilled milk strive for excellence, when you model this in front of your kids they take that into everything they do in life. With excellence comes success.

5. Add value where ever you are, don’t become a burden to family or society at large. Don’t take out more than you put in.

Rebecca Allen a senior academic at UCL’s Institute of Education and the director of an education data research thinktank was quoted to have said “In some ways [the study’s findings are] a comfort to women who do go out to work – and a signal to women who don’t that they have to think hard about how the role they have within the household is going to impact their children’s perceptions of what it means to be a woman and to be a mother,” she said.

Director/ Manager Tutor time school, Nigeria. A wonderful example that you can switch from a stay-at-home to a career woman.

Again a generic statement which struck a nerve, sorry it’s not a signal rather its a statement that totally ignores the right of a parent to choose a parenting and family lifestyle suited to them. It ignores the myriads of choices and decisions every parent has to make before choosing what path to follow. I would love to give examples, but I am not arrogant enough to assume that every parent has the same factors mitigating against them, thus I will suggest you make the choice that sets you and your family on the right path for success.

Rather than focus on getting more women into the work place, why not focus on ensuring that the work environment is optimally family, breastfeeding and children friendly globally. I am a stay-at-home mum; I am neither ashamed nor proud of it. It is what it is. And, if tomorrow comes whilst am at work, I will neither be proud or ashamed. It is what it is.