Racing feet on asphalt roads

Racing hearts on hospital wards, a cacophony

Racing against the infinte recorder.

Pocket Watch

I watched them grow, flourish

and blossom. I watched them realise, time

was infinte, they are not.

Written in response to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – today’s prompt is watch.

Thank you TJ for hosting this challenge.

Image: copyright Tj Paris

Life is … #7

Life is …. a tree, it never shows up suddenly. It might be planted intentionally or propagated by the forces of nature.

No matter how big or small a tree is it must undergo the renewing and conserving process of abscission.

Some do so gradually over a long period of time (evergreen trees), others do so at once (deciduous trees). Which ever way it happens each is still a tree undergoing growth differently all to fit in with purpose.

That which has fulfilled it’s purpose gives way to the new, it’s a cycle of growth; holding unto the past or excess luggage hampers the future.

Thus we must take a leave from the trees and let the future breath through our past victories, mistakes or unknowns.

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. This is the sixth edition of my ‘life is’ series where I try to relate life to different concepts/ideas in society. Would love to hear your thoughts on life is … a tree.

I am thirty and it’s fine.

So sometime within this month I turned thirty (yippe) to be honest I never gave it any thought until a few days to the date. I remember sitting with a new acquaintance who coincidentally turned thirty as well in July, at the end of the visit we both agreed that the number thirty seemed like a huge milestone and some how makes you feel like you haven’t done much with your life.

Today, however I read a post here that echoed to a large extent the sentiments shared by myself and my new acquaintance. Turning thirty means different things to different people. For some it is something to be happy about, for others something to be embarrassed about: something to celebrate with hopes of a better future or something to sit and moan about.

Personally I have decided it’s something to celebrate and move on from.

Armed with these principles, I hope to make the next decade even more fabulous:

  • To do something productive with each day I get: engaging my mind in positive activities. To always remember that some days being productive might simply mean staying hopeful and not everything will play an obvious role in the bigger picture, it might just be for today so enjoy it.
  • To never compare the realities of my life to the silver lining posts of other peoples lives on social media: actually to not compare my life at all.
  • Never let anyone/any thought live rent free in your heart, head or mind.

With a dash of grace and sprinkling of healthy mental attitude the future can only get better.

Did some DIY baking and went off to volunteer at a health fair: boring, but on point with my principles. Love to hear what you did on your thirtieth birthday or what you  plan to  do?

Forever young.

In response to Authors B Mazing finish it challenge #30. The intro is provided and we have to complete the story.

She was standing there mesmerized by the reflection in the water and what she had just witnessed. So it was true! Only a couple of minutes ago she had watched an old man approach the fountain. His skin was wrinkly, his hands bony and he struggled walking. But his appearance changed massively the moment he had finished drinking the water from the fountain. Suddenly his skin got firmer, his body filled up and his posture got strong again. The old man was gone and instead of him a  young guy left the area with a spring in his step. She had heard of the fable about the fountain of youth hidden in the back of this valley. She never believed it. But now… Things were different.

Should I or not? Do I want to drink the water or not? She asked herself. Being forever young, was that really what she wanted? Unsure of what to do she looked at the water again, scanning the reflection of her face that once looked so much younger too…

Armed with her youthful looks and the wealth of experience she had now the world would truly be her playing field. Or would it? Her forehead furrowed as she mulled over the thought: hadn’t her friend tried to stay young by every method possible only to end up defrauded by her latest, what was it they called them again? Boy toy. Smiling at the memory she couldn’t help thinking her friend deserved that and more. There was no use playing at youth when the basic lingo of the day escaped your understanding.

But the spring promised something totally different, this time she could blend in and learn the whole process over again. She could rewrite her life history. Was it worth it? Was her life really so riddled with regrets? Most importantly what would happen to her children, her grand kids? Would they still be part of her life, would they remember? No, surely the drink wasn’t worth it, right? The frown and tension in her body grew with each thought. If life had taught her anything it was the fact that there are no certainties, the fountain renewed youth but what about the heartache of growth. To start all over on an uncertain journey when she was nearing the end of a fulfilling one surely wasn’t worth it, right? A few minutes later she got up and left, a full bottle dangling by her side.


“Hello, grandma. Did you enjoy your walk?” Danny called as she walked into the house, his attention on the computer screen.

“Yes, I did. Do you want some juice?” she asked.

“Yes gran, thank you,” Danny replied still not looking up: teenagers always hooked to some gadget.

She handed him the glass of juice to which she had added water from the fountain. Danny guzzled the contents: hopefully she was saving him from experiencing the stress that growing up brings. If only she had deciphered the writing on the fountain:

For the old, youth renewed

For the young, infantile mind stagnated. 

A life lesson from the man …. BOLT


I have never been more excited to watch an athlete on the field as I was watching Usain Bolt compete in the men’s 100 meters race at the IAAF championship, Bejing. His victory reaffirmed certain thoughts and beliefs I would love to build on going into the new month.

  1. Accept and relish the processing of growing older each day; embrace what it means for your body and mind, your long term/ short term goals and future as a whole.
  2. Do what you can whilst you can. Avoid procrastinating or compromising on the standards, you might not get the chance again tomorrow under the same circumstances.
  3. Live your best life today, give your best effort today, quit the irrelevant now and train the body you want in the future from today.
  4. Keep doing what you love, make improvements if necessary, but stay true to your own goals and race.
  5. Know when to live the stage gracefully for fresh hands.

Ok, so how did Usain inspire these thoughts you wonder? In 2008 he set a world record in the 100m sprint, a record which no one (including himself) has broken. He put in his best when his body was ideal to deliver the performance of a lifetime. Today, his still puts in his best and even though his speed is no longer the same he still delivers a smashing result. In a world where the option to alter his performance through drugs and the likes exists he preferred to stay true to his sports. According to the press he would be retiring from athletics after the 2017 World Championships in London. Choices such as these can only be made by someone who knows his true abilities, accepts them and improves the hand fate deals to him.

Happy new month everyone. We’re all a work in progress …