Tiny bubbles rise to the surface

Tiny cracks appear on the wall

Tiny ever so tiny

Lay down the chisel

Pack up the easel.

Standing on the capricious edge of definition

the shadow sprawled in break-away

the spine abandoned hopes of a breakthrough

Tiny ever so tiny

Was the last momentum

upon which a new hope depended.

Tiny but ever more exerting.

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Written for the daily prompt breakthrough.


Steps back and forth

On the 27th of March 2015

You made a conscious decision to let into your life.

There was a sales at the shops that day and fate brought us together.

Not very romantic many would say,

it’s not all about how or where you met each other, it’s why, where and how you choose to go from there that defines true romance, at least that’s what I thought back then.

We had some great fun together didn’t we.

Spending  hours together,

protecting each other. I was always concerned about your health and safety

You worried more for my appearance, vain much? I think so.

But I didn’t care because it came from a place of love.

And even now as I lie here heartbroken, worn and haggard

I still carry you in my chest, I know you didn’t mean to hurt me

carelessness has always being your greatest flaw.

Careless words, careless temper,

careless assumptions of your own self importance.

Careless …

Footsteps brought us together,

Footsteps have taken you away from me.

I lie by the roadside,

hoping a good Samaritan will choose to help me heal my bruised soul.

Daily prompt footsteps.


Rock me gently

“I didn’t say I wanted to leave …”

“Then what do you mean? All you do is complain honestly! How can you sit there and expect me not to think otherwise?”

“Look all I want is for you to show some level of understanding when I voice my opinion. I know it might come across as complaining, but that’s not my intent.”

“When you said I was moving too fast for you, what else should I have inferred from that?

“I simply wasn’t ready for such a vigorous ride at the time. Sometimes I want a gradual transition not straight off the runway into auto speed. Is that … ”

“There’s just no pleasing you, is there? The last time I was too slow, this time I was too fast. How about you just shut up and enjoy it?”

Every part of me creaked with anger “God you’re a brute! It’s so like you to focus on yourself, have you ever stopped to apologize for all the grime that I have endured or the fact that you have become heavier.”

“Well I didn’t ask you to stay: the door is wide open.” Walking out of the room your attitude was the antithesis of the atmosphere in the room: carefree and buoyant.

All I wanted was to be rocked gently, not abandoned.


The story was inspired by the picture above. If you like this, you might also like this abandoned.


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode, many decades after and the area still reflects its name. A deprived area with the highest crime rates in the district, some people have gone as far as believing that residents from the cemetery have something to do with it.”

“You don’t think so.”

“Of-course I don’t think so. The area has been abandoned by the government for years, they’ve turned it to a site for dropping off derelicts and social rejects. What do you expect?”

“There’s talk about a renaming of the area, people are saying its bound to bring change.”

“Boy I’ve lived through different versions of promised change and this one has to be the most laughable. A name change is like putting plaster over a bullet wound without treatment; it ain’t gonna change nothing.”

“So glad I don’t live in their time; it’s a nightmare just watching them try to fight an inevitable end.”

Written by Chioma I.N

In response to the mondaysfinishthestory flash fiction challenge hosted by Barbara. The picture and the first sentence are provided and you have to complete the story in 100- 150 words. Click on the link to read others stories.

Thanks Barbara for hosting it and for the picture.

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Dear Lucy,

It’s been a long while since I last saw you, we used to be such good friends but I guess the times have changed. We had some great moments didn’t we? I remember helping you walk in the early days when your feet weren’t so steady yet. Do you remember the day we raided mum’s kitchen cupboard, we made a right old mess didn’t we and had fun doing it too. Mum wasn’t so happy but I  was proud of you, you had mastered the secret of moving in and out of tight corners.

But my best days were the early days, you spent almost every second gnawing on the toys on my dashboard. It felt good knowing I was soothing your itching gums, I was useful. Lucy its fine you don’t need me any more, its a sign you have grown but leaving me out in the cold breaks my heart. I am exposed to natures mood swings and ill-treatment by unpleasant passers-by; some spit on me whilst others pass horrific smelling fluids on me.

I had always thought that when  the time comes for you to move on you pass me to someone else. I won’t have minded if you took me to a charity organization or sold me off for a pound. All I want is another child for me to help and nurture.

Lucy I still love you and hope you rescue me soon please. Winter is almost here and I don’t know how long before I undergo irreparable tear and wear.

Love the abandoned walker.

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Teach a child gratitude never discard useful things carelessly.