Happy new month.


I know I havn’t been around a lot, life happened and that’s all I can say.

I have missed you guys but will do my best to read your blogs as often as possible.

Below are a couple of quotes that I hope to draw inspiration from through this month.


This one isn’t optional, I love my rest.


Same thoughts as above, if Rome wasn’t built in a day then ….


Every dog will have it’s day and that’s for certain. The only problem is making sure the dog hasn’t lost hope of that day ever happening.


One step at time, one step at a time…. am climbing my mountains with Jesus by my side.(who watched kids praise?)


And this is to remind me that my little girl is the most precious person I will ever be privileged to impact any ‘life lessons’ to too.




Quotes on life and empathy.

A hole

Words are by Andrew at thelonelyauthorblog.

Andrew is a wonderful and passionate writer, his posts have a way of making me smile and think all at once. 

Words by Donna at Donnanotdiva

The last line of this quote just makes me want to hug someone, give people the room to grieve, cry or scream before handing out your wonderful solutions.

I need to leap.


I have a lot of things I hope to achieve this year and most of them scare me, so this is largely for me.

I guess at the end of the day, I need to LEAP literally and figuratively.

I pray for staying strength, to be focused and not give up half-way after the leap.


Written in response to the daily prompt – leap

Image from pixabay free images.

Words copyright Chioma/livehomeandaway 2016.

Quotes on love


Love is a universal language

transcribed in various dialects, woven into patterns 

hemmed together by times silky threads onto life’s fabric.

Its idem factor stays the same it flows freely

wearing thin boulders of the divide.


Price of love


  • must love be reciprocated?
  • what makes love worth it?
  • what is the most expensive thing you’ve done in the name of love?
  • can absolute love exist with absolute power?

Care to share your thoughts on any of the above? Please leave us a comment, would love to read your thoughts.

Thanks Thomas for the second quote, safe to say it sparked off some thoughts.

Quotes on loss and fear.

Isn’t it amazing the number of interesting nuggets you can find in a story, a comment and even in regular daily activities. Today I would love to share two of such findings with you, for each quote I have included two different photos to give two different perspective. Would love to hear your thoughts on them:

The first is a line taken from a short story by an awesome writer and fellow blogger K Rawson. The story is titled The Things You Lose.


Though the line was written to depict the realities of dementia, I find the line also reflects a life lived mainly in hindsight. A situation where we feel everything good has been lost either intentionally or by accident. Until I read that line it never occurred to me that perhaps those things/persons that got left behind always stay perfect in our minds because we never fully interacted with them. We never got to grow and ride out the ever changing currents of life with them, thus we are not faced daily with their shortcomings or seemingly diminishing/changing value in our life hence why they stay perfect. We also never get to see it or them experience the same changing perception of who we are to them. We view them only from one perspective which is what I have tried to show with the images in the quote.lose

The second one is from a comment made by another blogging friend Elmowrites, she’s an amazing writer and I am sure you will enjoy reading her work.


Our fears are only as big as our minds can comprehend. For example an individual who is scared of heights might have a panic attack when asked to climb the empire states building. The building represents death, accidents, dizziness – these are all juxtaposed on the building by his mind. Same individual loves animals and has a thirst for the great outdoors, thus goes on a safari and has no fears when deadly animals stand at close range to him/her. It’s all in the mind.Fear

What do you think?