My first diet

Mum presented me to the doctors today without seeking my permission, according to her it was high time I got my first personal medical evaluation.

Thankfully the doctors said I was healthy, but kept emphasizing I maintain a healthy diet if I wanted to stay that way. What did he mean by a healthy diet, was it the same as mum’s own? Would I also have to exercise like mum? This was not fair, I’m too young to get into all that. Mum looked even more horrified than I, sensing the looming fear the doctor rushed on to ease our worries.

“There’s no cause for alarm, this is a healthy diet plan better than any other.It’s quite simple to follow and relatively a lot cheaper than other alternatives.”

Phew, Mum relaxed at least her wardrobe allowance wasn’t going to get short changed.

I heard the words ‘simple and better’ and relaxed.

“However, I must warn that like all diets the body will take awhile to adapt and it will fluctuate with each growing phase. But as with any diet, the impact will be more rewarding in the long run if done consistently.”

“Just one question doc, I have seen children who haven’t been on this diet flourish, are you sure this is absolutely necessary.”

“That is true, however, individuals differ in their reactions to everything, one thing that stands true for this diet is the lack of side effects and an abundance of both health and economic benefits.”

“I hope people don’t hassle us, I mean it’s not like she’s overweight.” mom said

The doctor smiled “She’s definitely not overweight, the diet will also reduce her chances of being overweight in the future. And if people laugh at you, shrug it off, remember it’s never too early to start eating healthy.”

first diet

The diary of a breastfed baby and mom.

This post was not written to shame or castigate anyone, it’s aim to encourage and advocate for more women to breastfeed. 

Assumptions promote fakeness

Assumptions are a part of everyday living, which unconsciously fosters on us and those we interact with a fake personality or lifestyle crafted in the mind and unfit for daily happy living.

First assumption, those who receive state benefit are lazy, greed, dishonest, uneducated, simply the worst cheats on mother natures earth.


Effect: people receive benefits, but try to live a life that refutes that assistance. People become defensive at the mere mention of the word benefit. People get stuck playing the role society has labelled them as and stop trying to achieve anything.

Reality: receiving some sort of benefit is noting to be ashamed of or ridiculed about, this is similar to drowning and fighting the life guard because you want to show off your swimming skills. And ridiculing people on benefits, is similar to watching someone drown and rolling your eyes at them rather than helping them. True they’re cheats and lazy people out them, but it’s not enough to judge everyone by the same measure.

Second assumption, all foreigners came here for the benefits and even if they didn’t when they got here they jumped on it straightaway.

Effect: foreigners are viewed as worthless scroungers, unimaginative and unproductive. Foreigners become defensive at the mention or suggestion of benefits by a non-foreigner. 


Reality: legal migrants have a lot of restrictions and limitations on their passports for years, set-up by the same politicians who mouth them off as the bane of modern Great Britain. A lot of benefits, training, apprenticeship, jobs, and the likes are off limit to foreigners except those who can afford to pay for them, trust me they are not cheap. Most foreigners have learnt to work for every penny as a lifestyle, but there will still be cheats and dubious people among the foreigners and non-foreigners.

Third assumption, all breastfeeding moms are aggressive braggarts, all formula feeding moms are defensive breastfeeding drawbacks.

Effect: a needless war exists, one side charges with arms saddled with bottles, a sterilizer and hot water, the other brandishes the engorged breast and a free hand. Each forgets the nursing baby at their bosom.animated-baby-image-0026

Reality: Unpleasant people will always finding something to have a cat-fight over, thus the fact that you both breastfeed or formula  feed doesn’t necessary mean you won’t find lines to differ on in the future. We all brag about stuff or give up on stuff: an unpleasant personality will shine through either side. Not every breast-feeder is rude, stuffed up or out to  annoy you and not every formula feeder is ignorant or insecure or rude.

Fourth assumption: the price tag, and brand makes it unique, elegant, worth it etc We can’t find it elsewhere.

I’ll let you fill the space on this one.



Inferiority/superiority is the foundation for a fake life,

assumptions are the walls which hold it up,

and emotional/physical and mental deficit the roof that shelters it.

A house hunting itself.animated-house-image-0181

Accept when your assumptions have been wrong, don’t brazenly stick to them enabling someone else’s mistakes in the future.

Daily prompt fake.

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O is for Obseqiuos/ Oleaginous

“Good morning Sir, it’s with great pleasure we welcome you to our humble platform today.You’re a man of laudable esteem and value, your work in the community, the policies you have made since taking up office has indeed given the community a much needed face lift.”

“What policy is Oga refering to please, change ko change ni?” shaking her head in disproval, Yemi sighed.

“My dear does it matter, all we want is the money. You know all these politicians, the larger potions of their back you scratch the more pennys you pick, like scratching dandruff off your scalp.” Sheye whispered standing next to her.

“Oh God that’s just disgusting, couldn’t you find a better analogy? Yuck!” Chinyere chimed in.

“I think our organization is being misrepresented by our oga praising this man as an honourable person.” Yemi continued.

“Miss perfect by the books na you know.”

“Excuse me joor, I am trying to be serious here. We critize, yet we obey them without protest. We castigate them in private but fawn at their  feet at every given opportunity. Honestly sometimes I think we’re worse than the hoodlums at least they’ve an excuse they don’t know better, what’s ours?”




The nurturant

Like a seamstress fastens patterns

with pins, the nurturant fastens our home

together even when it pricks.

Pins on marri wood cheese platter

A continuation from yesterday:

Three, the belief that religion is a psychological or business tool. Religion as a tool should guide the soul through life’s exploration reining in its reckless ways, strengthening its very core; its humanity. Religion as a tool should not exploit the soul or rape it of its humanity.

I pray a nurturant would guide my soul,

I pray I guide another soul as a nurturant would.

Four, the belief that nature hates the black man and fails to deliver what we ask for. We can’t expect the cosmos to give us what we have not earned. We cannot blame nature for our failure to recognize our solutions due to our impatient and inability to defer gratification. 

I pray a nurturant would guide our country to el dorado,

I pray we gain the insight to embrace a nurturant,

to refining change that starts within.

Our home is not useless, it is misguided by mercenary minds at the hem of affairs. 

Our home is not useless, it needs a nurturant.

Written for TJ Paris haiku challenge – pins.

and the A to Z challenge word for today is nurturant.



Four things I have seen under the sun, four that worry my soul for the land I call home

One, the belief that the mind is inferior to the powers that roam Hades streets. Thus, when one is depressed or the mind overcome by life/nature we seek to find the one who unleashed Hades hounds rather than resuscitating the strength within the mind. And when men swindle us we blame the cosmos for sending out demons in clothes, refusing to accept that they’re indeed fellow men, only they have soaked their minds in the boiling pools of Hades charring its humanity.

The mind is powerful the mind is fragile, but you and the alone creator own it; to either facts is meshuggeneh.

Two, the belief that power is synonymous to abuse: emotional, physical,mental, financial, political, verbal and spiritual abuse. We presume the abuser to be the only guilty party, this is true initially, but overtime the abused starts to subconsciously aid the situation. Abuse might begin from without, but it is sustained by a reflection of the abusers image in our own eyes, we abuse ourselves by refusing to take ownership of the situation. True power is defined by a self imposed accountability to the weak and strong alike, an accountability to our own humanity. They are not leaders they are bullies, thrilled by ego.

The abuse of power is the reflection of a weak mind, the tolerance of abuse is the sign of a mind slowly being weakened. Rise up and own the situation.

Our home is not useless, it is misguided by mercenary minds at the hem of affairs. 

Three and four for be posted soon.


Nwanne i di sharp!” (ibo)

Bros you sharp oh!”(pigin English)

(Translation: Boy you’re sharp)

He’s as sharp as a blade.”

At some point in our evolution we (humans) subconsciously decided to start a character-fashion trend and thus, the sharp species was born. It was no longer acceptable to just be you, to work at your own pace; NO not acceptable. Everyone had to be sociable, witty, quick on their feet, shooting laser retorts ahead of unformed questions. The trend in itself isn’t wrong, but as with everything in life it took a turn round the wrong corner: the Machiavellian corner where anything can be done and applauded as right as long as it gets the results. Thus, the phrase ‘he/she is as sharp as …’ is often echoed by individuals admiring another who by some means has outsmarted the laws, authorities, wriggled out of an emotional or potentially tenuous situation. As stated earlier the means to this supposed victory is totally ignored or made to seem insignificant. Is it wrong to be sharp? No; however, being sharp by compulsion does have certain side effects.

The image is from Pixabay free images.

It places an undue pressure on you to always have speedy retorts and answers. Sometimes forcing you to promise more than you can deliver, this could lead to outright lies which help you wriggle out of seemingly difficult circumstances. This does not mean that every immediate reaction or retort is negative but a common failing of wanting to appear sharp all the time might mean being less than honest, less vulnerable, less honest with yourself and with others.

“When you’re a liar, a person of low moral fortitude, really any explanation you need to be true can be true, especially if you’re smart enough. You can figure out a way to justify anything.” Samuel Witwer

Sharp people overtime get very cocky, at the same time they become very scared of failure and how such an outcome would reflect on them.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” Bill Gates.

While, the above quote refers to smart people I think it also applies to people who dub themselves to be sharp. Being sharp in the sense this article addresses also limits your personality, you end up acting in a particular way all the time.

“Some smart man once said that on the most exalted throne in the world, we are seated on nothing but our own arse.” Wendell Mayes

If your quest to be sharp is driven by a desire to stay one step ahead, it might be worth remembering the above quote. I believe it would help keep you centered, ensuring you don’t stray into the intoxicating land of arrogance and slander. Slander, now that’s another side effect of being sharp; you start to talk down on other people, to view their achievements as second to yours, with a tendency to magnify yours.  

The quote is from Eli Pacheco. The images are from Pixabay free images.

I consider the loss of potential friends or opportunities the most depreciating consequence of being sharp. This attitude makes us treat people and relationships mostly as tools for advancement. It also places a lot of stress on the individual to always being in form, remember words said in haste and being unable to do/ un-say certain things often comes at a price  more expensive than money can replace.

Please don’t get me wrong being sharp isn’t wrong, but when it takes over all your traits and motivates all your actions perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate. Don’t get so sharp you end-up cutting yourself and those around you.

Thank you Eli for letting me share your words.

Both posters were made by me.

Historic households

Mud houses were strategically built to afford occupants some level of privacy, they were also designed to ensure everyone was part of the communal lifestyle a social norm at some point in our history.

             Copyright Panoromia                                       Abuja arts and craft village.

It had its advantages some of which include:

  • A lack of grey area for mischief makers hide behind.
  • A clear-cut description of what was right or wrong.
  • A general sense of oneness among members of a household/village/society.
  • A higher percentage of genuine interest in seeing the other individual prosper and excel. Etc

    Copyright Juju TV film

As with every system, it also had disadvantages:

  • Rules that were not easily if ever altered.
  • An inherent albeit sometimes unintentional ability to stifle creativity.
  • A herd/pack mentality which encouraged ignorance and unhealthy fear of the unknown. Etc

 As much as I appreciate living in this present age, I long for the communal spirit in those historic households.

Today everyone wants be ahead of the other, whether it’s a negative or positive action people just don’t care. And when it goes all wrong as it tends to do when envy/insecurity/selfishness overrides good judgement they cry at night wondering why no one wants to hold them. And when someone offers comfort, some people still wonder if the giver is really being nice or simply trying to appear better than them?

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The cycle continues … 

Home by the beach

  B is for … Breath-taking

“Stop saying ‘It’s just the circle of life’,that’s just another excuse.”

“It might be, doesn’t deduct form its validity though. Nature depends on social disparities and revolving cycles to balance the scales. Without the twisted circle how would you know to feel empathy? ”

 Hard is the work set before the mind to find happiness in the wake of oppressing views.

“See how happy they are, their confident strides in the midst of such chaotic and far from ideal living conditions, that my dear is amazing, simply breath-taking.”

Hissing “And on the opposite side of the beach we’ve members of the exclusive group complete with obscene houses and speedboats.”

“Hmmm, is it the injustice that angers you or a fear of falling from the middle unto either side of the divide? Is that the root of offence? 

Depressing is the task before the mind to find peace and contentment in the rising of such exclusivity. 

The circle is complete.

Copyright Pixabay 

Written in response to Roger’s writing challenge FFftPP and A to Z challenge day two. 

I already had post penned for the A to Z challenge, but when I saw the photo for FFftPP I just had to merge them. Not sure it worked as I had to move the words around quite a bit, let me know your thoughts. Below are the photos  I planned for the post, the one above was provided by Roger from Pixabay for the FFftPP challenge.

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Both neighborhoods shown in the pictures are located in Lagos, very close to the local beaches. Guess they are all beachfront homes. 

  A house can be breath-taking, but a home is only as breath-taking as the hands that built it.

A is for …

Adjective: Art-nouveau/ Art deco

These terms describe art works and architectural structures of a certain era, both are aesthetically pleasing in their own rights. Prior to moving to the UK I had never heard of these terms; I know, how ignorant of me? Well better late than never.

Art Nouveau refers to the style movement which swept through western Europe and USA between 1880 and 1910. It was marked by sweeping curves, arches, the female form, floral patterns, heights and linear designs inspired by natural forms. The color scheme was muted and sombre.

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Art deco on the other hand began in Europe in 1908 and lasted as a trend till the start of the second world war II (1930). Common features of art deco include angular and geometric shapes, black,chrome and bright colors, stylized images of cars and airplanes.

In my opinion, architecture from my parents generation were more art nouveau in style. I think we skipped the art deco period and went straight into modern styles. 

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A – Z challenge