The stage is set.


“On that stage, everything is a gamble.”

“Any risk is allowed, all subterfuge embraced.”

Every man must play his part … whether sad or happy… great or small.”

“It matters not the hand you’re dealt nor your zeal.”

“Calling, all players to the stage.”

So, the trials began.

Each wanting the most dynamic role. To hold all the chips in their favour.

To soar above the stage.

Deeply everyone knew who would play what role.

Still, they gambled, pretended valiantly.

Thus, death only registered when Sebastian did not rise to leave the stage.

The pound of flesh was long overdue.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting the writing event Friday fictiooneers. The rule is to write a 100 word piece in response to the provided picture. Please click the link to visit Rochelle’s blog. It will be worth your while. And click this link to read other stories and write ups.

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