Face me, I face you.

Living to jaw to jaw with one’s neighbour wasn’t ideal.

PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin

They were worse fates than that; this Amina knew.

And running a business opposite another enterprise which was a doppelgänger to yours was certainly one. A test of ones resilience in a failing economy.

Knowing that they most likely pulled similar numbers of customers each day was no relief.

Neither was the lack of preference amongst customers for either place.

All they wanted was sustenance to see them through hours of labour at the mining site.

Daily Amina grew stifled.

Her mind, an incubating chamber of perturbed  ambition.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting the writing event Friday fictiooneers. The rule is to write a 100 word piece in response to the provided picture. Please click the link to visit Rochelle’s blog. It will be worth your while. And click this link to read other stories and write ups.


16 thoughts on “Face me, I face you.

  1. Thank you Chioma. Your story creates, for me, a challenging atmosphere of overwhelming competition, which every day can quite exhaust any owner of a small business. Hope Amina can blow off some steam and finally edge over the line ahead.

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