Running home at the 11th hour.

I cannot believe it.
It is indeed the 11th hour … or rather the 11th week of our run.
I expected that the 12 weeks to sail by smoothly .. I forgot that there was something called winter. I am so proud of the kids, to have forged ahead till this point. I am sad we missed a week, last week. But I am thankful we got here and I am excited to finish it next week. I can only hope that you would cheer us on once more by digging deep and supporting our endevour. To those who have supported us and those yet to , thank you!.

Please visit our page and make a donation.

The goal: to run/walk/ keep active for at least 30 minutes once a week for 12 weeks leading up to christmas. In order to raise money for St. Mungo’s charity, a run for the homeless.

Where we are: 11 weeks in and one more to go. Amount raised is £224

What we need: your donation to drive the funds to a greater amount.

Thank you once more for your support.


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