Fun run … Running home.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your loyalty, for staying with my blog.

So myself, and my two little people have decided to undertake twelve weeks run for the homeless. Whom we would be supporting through the charity St. Mungo’s charity.

We decided to do this as they always ask questions about people sleeping rough. They also often want me to give everyone we see some money. So i thought a good way to help them understand the link between money, discipline, resilience and kindness would be the running-to-raise money challenge.

Already one is asking why we choose to do this again? 🤣🤣🤣. It is my hope that similar questions will arise through the 12 weeks. It is also my hope that by the end answers will be clearer.
One of them being, that kind thoughts often mean less without a commensurate kind act.

Our last run should be a week before Christmas. Our hope is to give the charity something to make christmas more special for someone out there.

We will post updates each week . ☺️☺️

Looking forward to your support.

Do click this link to support us through the just giving page.


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