Training in progress

Photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Feilds.

The voice bellowed through the hall ways, “Lights out! No more talking, smiling, giggly or even blinking.”

“Get into your beds. Lie down flat. Snore if you like or must. “

“BUT! No moving or singing. And if you must pray, don’t let God or me hear any sounds from your bed space.” The voice concluded.

She lay in the bed, quiet as a mouse.Her legs squeezed as tight as possible.

She needed to pee. You either peed before lights out or roughly 30 minutes after.

No one had mentioned bladder training on the school curriculum.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting the writing event Friday fictiooneers. The rule is to write a 100 word piece in response to the provided picture. Please click the link to visit Rochelle’s blog. It will be worth your while. And click this link to read other stories and write ups.


26 thoughts on “Training in progress

  1. No wonder people end up with anxiety and schools which are supposed to nurture and educate, often have a lot to answer for. My bladder is probably my weakest link and it can be tough.
    Best wishes,

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