Humble abode

“Adam, we cannot continue like this.”

He smiled.

“Do not give me that smile.”

It broadened even more, his eyes twinkling like light orbs against the dark skies.

Eve sighed, whilst rolling her eyes.

“One would think we built this shelter to preserve things that would be destroyed when left open to the elements,” She continued.

“Alas I forethought we built it shelter precious treasures. Like you, my darling Eve.” Adam replied.

“I do not know what to make of those words, dear husband, for it appears you deem a baby turtle as precious as I.”

Photo prompt from David Stewart.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting the writing challenge Friday Fictioneers. Please click the previous link to visit her blog. Take the time to learn about the challenge and click this link to share your story should you decide to join our band of merry writers.

Thanks you for visiting my blog, reading, liking and if possible commenting. Your time is precious so i am grtaeful you decided to share it with me.


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