Unannounced guest.

There is a drizzle falling,

Slowly it starts to pool,

The drizzle stops, the pool remains.

Hear the sound of quiet trickles,

Little rivulets of bloods,

Image downloaded from Pixabay

The trickle stops, the pool is dry.

There is a stench rising,

Eading not a single space,

Death has arrived.

Not as a wave, nor with a roar

Not as a shout, nor with an echo.

Death has arrived,

Like tiny rivulets of urine passed in a public pool.

Written for the daily prompt rivulets.

Not sure how your day has been or is going at this time.But I pray for you as I pray for me that peace will not elude you. Your hope will not be dashed neither shall your strength to dream again. Good night and God bless.

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