Vantage point.

She had the vantage point at the end of the cul-de-sac. She saw all evil,
she heard all evil. She passed them along when it suited her.
Today was no different.
Hidden by the tree, her view tinted marginally by cigarette smoke. She watched.
She should call the police; she should do something.
Maybe after this last puff. No, she would wait, tomorrow was soon enough.
The danger electrified her clouded senses.
She watched them.
Stealthily she reached for the door, silently the slash cut her off.
They had thought of every contingency, she hadn’t.

Photo prompt provided by Dale Rogerson.

Thanks Rochelle for hosting the writing challenge Friday Fictionners. Click the link in her name if you would like to take part.

And click this link to read more stories.

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