A girls dreams, a woman’s reality.

“Ingrid pay mind to your customers. Mrs Lavender requires pears not peaches. I don’t know why the tiniest peep of sun rays and clear skies set your head tumbling.”

“It’s those books from Lady Margaret’s library.”

“What books?” queried mother. Her voice barely above a whisper which
bellied a tumultuous rising temper.

There was no doubt about it, it was definitely going to happen. Louise had
to be gagged at the nearest opportunity.

“It’s nothing mother, Louise is making things up, as always.”

“I’m not …” she yelped in pain she as her sisters’ fingers dug
into her left side.

Photo prompt courtesy / copyright of Brenda Cox.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting this writing opportunity called Friday Fictioneers.

28 thoughts on “A girls dreams, a woman’s reality.

  1. When the oppressed are complicit in the systems of the oppressors, you’ve successfully dominated your slaves. I hope those girls run away as quickly as safe and possible. Maybe Lady Margaret will take them in.

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  2. Banning books, assuming that they are a bad influence, is nothing new. This is a most interesting mix of characters. Took me a minute to figure out there were two girls, and a not-very-sympathetic mother!

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  3. Poor Ingrid. I’d also want to have my head in a book rather than keeping track of pears and peaches. I can see Mother’s viewpoint however – the customers are important. Good, lively dialogue that captures the characters’ voices engagingly.

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