Stitched together.

Photo prompt courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Every little helps. Chris smiled as he emptied the groceries. He couldn’t agree more with the slogan.

He had started losing hope of ever completing his vision. Thanks to hunger pangs which led to an impromptu visit to the shop weeks ago, he had stumbled on the final piece for his project. Granted it had taken several visits to confirm a perfect match. There was no doubt about it, her lips were exactly like mothers’.

And soon they would fit the rest of her. Mother would live again. It was time to set things in motion.

Inspired by the art and decorative pieces in the picture.

24 thoughts on “Stitched together.

  1. Yihikes! That reminds me of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode where a guy fabricates a girl for his brother… these things don’t end well. (Great take!)


  2. Such an ordinary, humdrum excursion to do some shopping, but oh my it takes a definite turn for the worst pretty quickly. I wonder what the neighbours will think when Mother reappears. A very grisly story, but very good.

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