A drop of sunflower nectar.

Feathers from a fire-crest.

Egg yolks from a cobra, an ostrich and a chicken.

Dew drops from the peak of yellow mountain.

Yellow food colouring.

Nascent petals from a yellow rose.

Five yellow jars and pebbles.

Now if only one could remember what was supposed to go where. Oh, it was no
use! The list was only as helpful as it was clearly labelled. And this list

Well, someone was going to end up with a toxic breakfast or a less than
interesting display for yellow is the colour of science.

Written for Friday fictioneers organised by Rochelle. Thanks Rochelle.

20 thoughts on “List

    1. Thank you!
      Nothing special just the colour of the vase. Guess you could say it’s yellow or brown.
      I explain things better to my kids using colour themes, I think it sticks.


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