Flighty facades

“Esther come away from that window, now!” ” If I have said it once, a said it a thousand times, no good ever came from poking your nose into others business.”

Esther couldn’t help herself, if she pressed her nose anymore into the glass she would probably become one with her reflection.

“Esther ….” mum’s voice had that edge to it now. The one that said move before something comes flying at your head.

Esther turned away from the window. There was so much to do outside. It wasn’t fair, how come others got to have fun?


It was finally Tuesday and the sun was out in all of its glorious blaze! Esther needed nothing more to make the day fun.

Tip toeing gently down the stairs and towards the door, Esther glanced into the living room. Mrs Featherstone was sound asleep. She had only two hours. Two hours of glorious play in the sun.

Closing the door gently before tearing into the street, Esther face was lit with excitement, her steps flighty with anticipation.

She turned the corner and rammed right into some one.

“Hi Esther,”

“Hi Layla,” Esther replied giggly still reeling with excitement from her escape. “What are you guys playing?”

“Nothing really. Come on let’s play tag”

“Tag you’re it” yelled Esther tapping Layla’s shoulder and running off.

Laughing in anticipation as she speed down the street, crossing to the opposite side. Layla’s hand missing her back by a few seocnds.

Spinning round in excitement she found herself face to face with a child she hadn’t meet before.

She wasn’t much taller than Esther nor Layla.

She didn’t smile neither did she say anything. She just stared at them as though they were miscreants.

Her eyes held the look of molten ash, a brewing storm under a blue pupillary facade.

Downloaded from pixabay

Written in response to the daily prompt rebel.

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