Ebbing and flowing


Colour me black, colour me white; colour me yellow with sprinkles of pink.

Colour me bright with an array of sparkles

It taints not the grey within, Eeyore has nothing on me,  I smile, bright as the sun.


Take two: 

Beyond the mount the gods arise to the sound of Cilo and her sisters,

Soaking in nectar, sipping ambrosia, they summon the stars to adorn their paths, like light through a prism they shine in glory.

Olympus, I long for thee, let me feast on thy beauty alone.

Take three:

We shall build a tower up to the gods, we shall adorn the towers brightly, the gods shall smile in delight.

Nay, we shall cover it in ashes, the gods shall bark and rave.

Aye, we shall cover them in both, the gods shall applaud our wisdom, for such is the tide  of life they bid  us live.

Written for Sonya’s three line tales week 119.

Middle picture by Oneisha Lee.





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