Five portions of my love

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,

but what you don’t see you tend to forget.

Neither worked for me,

I remembered them regardless of their absence,

Hatred grew even though they hide in unknown shadows.

They say keep it simple,

So I formed a mnemonic, tattooed it on my wrist.

I stare at it conjuring up images 

They took what mattered 

The law said it was complicated

I said simplify it, they didn’t.

I had only one wish,

to bequeath a special gift this valentine.

My mind insisted on it,

The gift of a red bleeding conscience.

It’s midnight ……



Love by it’s very nature lends itself to the conjuring of twisted vines, secret rendezvous and get away rides to a land of heroes and divinity. Love by the nature we conferred on it thrives on complicated storylines rather than simple tales. Alas love relies on the mnemonics numbers and seasons to keep it’s memories aflame.





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