When stupid starts to define you

Definition of stupid: 

  • lacking intelligence or common sense.
  • slow of mind.
  • given to unintelligent decisions or acts.
  • acting in an unintelligent or careless manner.
  •  lacking intelligence or reason.

We make certain risky choices because we don’t know better, sometimes we pick the easier choice because we lack patient or  the will power to forge ahead. On rare occasions we make a choice simply because we are overwhelmed  or confused by the wealth of information available to us. like a soiled nappy trails a baby, our choices shadow our steps into the future.


There are other times when our life choices seem stupid to others, it just doesn’t make sense to them. Labels are quickly brandished without caution, overtime this idea of who you’re presumed to be is affirmed in their minds by the fact that one never departs from one’s ideology.

In an age were rapid answers, rapid friendships, rapid gratification, rapid growth, rapid, rapid, rapid anything is considered the norm; an age were aggression or garrulousness are synonyms for assertive, and gossip is considered keeping abreast of things; one must not be afraid to be stupid. 

We frown at Trumps ideas but in the same vein we pull down another to achieve our aims, after all we want it now don’t we? We vent our frustration for not getting things exactly the way we want it on another by boxing others off and labelling them, perhaps a reflection of the same labels firmly sewn unto the hems of our heart, brains and minds in extra large sizes. Life on the fast lane is bound to have casualties and it might as well be them. It has absolutely nothing to do with your speeding gauge and ignorance of the other road users.


In an age where everyone wants to belong, same huge eyebrows (waxed, trimmed and pencilled in within an inch of it’s original life), same shoes, same clothes, same pout, same laughter and even lashes. It’s okay to be stupid if stupid means you stay true to you. It doesn’t mean blind loyalty to your flaws, No. In the same way one doesn’t wash out a stain with the hope of bleaching the entire fabric or wash a dirty dish with the hope of rinsing the decoration/design off, we must treat our flaws.

It’s okay to be stupid, in a world where up is down and fair is subject to who wins the stakes. It’s okay to be stupid in a world where everyone stands for everything like footballers defending the goalpost against a penalty except when the ball comes everyone finds a good corner to hide.

It’s okay to be stupid, I suspect it’s the new synonym for individuality.

3 thoughts on “When stupid starts to define you

  1. It’s okay to be stupid.
    Everyday I remind myself that I am Jon Snow ( a character in Game of Thrones) and that I know nothing.
    It keeps me grounded when I begin to feel too important and hyper intelligent. Indeed, it’s okay to be stupid, especially in a world were opinions are quick to be formed and everyone is an expert.

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