Children’s stories

Hi people,

Hope everyone’s having an awesome week? It’s been busy, it’s been interesting and it is certain to get a bit more hectic for me. Regardless I hope to always come back to one of my favourite discoveries since I started this blog; writing short stories for little people.

Thankfully I have wonderful people in my life who every now and again remind me of this love, one of them being my friend Akaji who enquired about Harley and Dory a few days ago. I hope she (and you) reads this and finds it as interesting as the first one. Harley’s update will come sometime in the future but it’s in the works. 


And if this is your first time reading my stories for little one’s please feel free to read others as well. Hope you enjoy them.

A shell for Herby


Dory the Dolphin

bubbles 6

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