Welcome ….

Happy new year everyone!

I can’t say much about the new year as I only got my gift card from the heavenly express at 00.00am on the 31st of December. It’s apparently still very new with all it’s tags and labels in place. At the moment I am trying it on for size and I have roughly twenty-seven days to return it to store if it doesn’t fit, but something tells me it will. So fingers crossed, I hope I like what I see when I look in the mirror.

Mind you, I had this same experience when I got the card for 2016, except then I was terribly nervous and super excited. It wasn’t a bad fit at first, but soon it started to squeeze and cling in the wrong places. Turns out I was having a growth spurt and much like a child it wasn’t fun or without it’s emotional hassles. I had aches in places I didn’t know could hurt and pain in areas that used to be my comfort zone.  Thankfully God through different people and situations swept in like Calpol to soothe my year of growth. I didn’t stop growing, and the pain didn’t stop but the hazy blinding effect was cleared and I could visualize a grown up me in a better tomorrow. Looking back now I am thankful the thirty days return period had waned before the growth spurt started, thus I had to resign myself to getting back into shape.

This time around I have decided to be level headed and calm. To hopefully embrace every turn with a deep seated level of internal calm and positivity knowing that whatever it is and however long it lasts, be it a joyful or tearful event it shall never outlive these famous albeit cliché words:

…this too shall pass…

And on that note I extend a warm virtual hug, smile and handshake to everyone who reads a page, follows my blog,leaves a comment, or simply passes through; welcome to 2017, the year that isn’t quite an adult but isn’t so much a child any more. A year of immense possibility ….. a quest for a true identity. 



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