A prayer at christmas

Lord we say a prayer today for:

Mary: for mothers  with no one to rely on, left to raise your little one all by yourselves we ask the father to strengthen you. May you find little pockets of joys to tidy you over through the day and memories that wrap your heart with warmth through the night.

Joseph: for fathers who daily try to live an honourable life we ask that you give them grace and keep their hope alive. We pray that they do not die in shame, fear or regret. We pray that they like Joseph will always listen to your voice every step of the way.

Angels: for men, women and children who smile and lift the spirits of everyone around them. We ask dear father that they never grow bitter or weary. That with every day they see the dreams of their minds become a reality. 

Herod: for individuals who lead us, but suffer from crippling insecurities and selfish desires. We ask that the sure mercies of David guide and keep our hearts in perfect peace as the years role by. We pray for them that you deliver them from the trenches of greed and power intoxication.

Shepherds: we pray for every labourer in the field working hard to keep it all together, working hard to keep the future alive. We ask for strength, for grace and joy untold.

Wise men: for individuals searching for the answers, looking for solutions. We ask that they may see the light of your word and embrace it with absolute surrender.

We pray that the light of your love will brighten our weary hearts as the year comes to an end. We pray this Christmas to serve as angels and inn keepers for the lost and down trodden. 



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