Identify yourself

A weed: a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially : one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants. 2.) an obnoxious growth, thing, or person.

A parasite: An organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. 2.) A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

A crop/plant: a plant or animal or plant or animal product that can be grown and harvested extensively for profit or subsistence <an apple crop> <a crop of wool> (2) :  the total yearly production from a specified area b :  the product or yield of something formed together.

At every point as individuals we behave or are viewed as weeds, parasites or crops by the world around us. Any crop can become a weed simply by overgrowing it’s desired limit. A parasitic plant is by nature a parasite, crops rarely morph into parasites, they can harbour parasites but by nature they are not intrinsically parasitic.

It’s important to note that a weed and a crop are both classified based on the intent or expectations of another. A parasite is often less frowned upon than a weed, because the mind believes it can contain/control the parasite but not a weed. A weed looks too much like what we planted, what we desire; it blends into what we are expecting thus the fear that it might replace the actual crop.

Who’s the crop, weed and parasite in your life? 

What’s your role in the life’s of those around your?

A plant takes but it also gives back what it’s designed to give.


2 thoughts on “Identify yourself

  1. “What’s your role in the life’s of those around your?”

    That’s enough food for thought. Most times, we are engrossed with what others are to us and how they influence our lives that we fail to consider how we influence theirs.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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