Deep and fearful

is the boundless pit of inferiority.

Throw in your mansions, jets 

achievements and dreams.

Wider only shall it’s jaws grow, insatiable yet contained.

pulling you into a shrivelling shell.


His bedmate superiority 

differs not by much.

His garlands of acquisition enthrones him on high

from whence he tumbles at the whiff of a challenge.

Bill Gates is not the prince of Wales 

and the Prince of Wales isn’t Bill Gates.

Each holds a stake but one has the veins.

Find your God, find true royalty.

DNA connected.


Many are the battles that swell my pride,

Deep are the valleys from whence my soul cries deliverance.

Battles fierce and valleys black no conquest surmounts the 

victorious chant ‘I encouraged myself in the Lord.’ 

For with it inferiority’s loses its hold.

and the yoke of superiority is abolished.

My mind sings freely to the one who gave me victory

and taught me peace in the valley.





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