Illusions worth chasing

Shepherd of my soul,

I give you full control.

Not necessarily because I am a sheep without internal navigation or a clue of hap-stance and planning, but because by two immutable things it is impossible to defraud natures firm grip. 

One has risen at sunrise to chase mind shadows shaping them to life effigy’s, lending breath to dreams hanging by the corridors of reality. They’re miracle farmers, exceptional gardeners of mind seed, their fruits abound by the orchard for many to purchase. 

Breath was not purchased at birth by direct debit, it cannot be extended on credit at death. Whether tiny or momentous, absent or present a man’s effigy will not stop life’s ombudsman from carrying out his charge, death accepts only one form of payment a final breath. The verdict is in with or without a shepherd every sheep will one day go to slaughter.  I chose to trust a shepherd for I can not shear myself and I like a voice to whisper sweet hope as I lay me down to death.

Selling a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waiting on a miracle
Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
Driving the edge of a knife

If dreams were cheap I would have a truckload of them. However they’re free and this makes them seem trivial. It doesn’t make sense but man’s thirst for conquest leads him to devalue every item freely given/received. How do you conquer what falls into your laps? We forget that dreams are flighty things by nature, an ethos conferred upon them by their birth chamber. It has no space for incubation, and the vent is wide open. Thus, if a dream must live to fight another day it must escape into the conscious. 

I dreamt I was a senator, a lecturer, a public speaker, a proverbs 31 woman stirring the ship to harbour laden with bounty. The mist cleared and I starred into the mirror looking for that dream, like Alice I found reality wasn’t quite the same. The mist had cleared, I am just a woman walking the edge of life’s street hoping to get ‘THERE’ soon, hoping I don’t have mangled limbs at the end. And like Alice I found that all the best people have more than six dreams before sunrise. The reality you see is the dream for today, and it is worth waking up for, a life free of fear, a life full of hope, a day as a housewife or a day in the executives office.

I have rambled, you have read, I know not what the rambling was for.




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